Fast Food Nation

Fast Food Nation
Eric Schlosser?s Fast Food Nation is a broad investigative work that demonstrate
and criticize fast food industries. A lot of what is consumed by the nation today is fast
food, due to the fact that many Americans are constantly on the go that they end up
neglecting their diet. Most of those unhealthy diets can have a long term negative effect on
people and can cause serious illnesses such as respiratory problems, and worse of all obesity
which has become a nationwide epidimic. It is amazing to know that most of the food that is
eaten is not fully investigated by food authorities such as the usda. Schlosser then reveals
that most meatpacking industries are overlooked by federal authority, which can only mean
that we never know what kind of bacteria lies in the food we eat.
As with time the larger the companies grew so did their menus. From a regular to
supersize, then the famous "have it your way" quote that had become so popular by
many Americans. But if we where to actually stop and question ourselves before taking that
first bite, is it really worth it to have to your way but putting extra cheese or adding another
slab of meat. In reality if we where to stop and think about it, that will just equal up to
another pound gained. What makes fast food more interesting is that nothing is ever natural.
It is all premade and ready to serve by an instant fire on the grill. But do companies such as
Mcdonalds and or Burger King investigate these products before being sent. The answer
unfortunately is no. As I had mentioned earlier meatpacking industries are rarely
investigated and so therefore bacteria such as ecoli are still present in the meat.

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