Sciene and Christianity

Sciene and Christianity
Sciene and Christianity Generally, science and Christianity are considered two contradictory
views of the universe. Science symbolizes an evolutionary and
naturalistic view of the universe from which God is (or at least can
be) excluded. Christianity symbolizes a world view where everything is
created by the direct creative act of God.
Science offers us different ways at looking at the origins of life. Its two most famous theories are the Big Bang and the theory of evolution. The Big Bang theory is that there was a gigantic explosion caused by the matter of the universe which was densely squashed and caused the universe and life. This theory could offer a better explanation than Christianity because it has certain aspects to prove it ? e.g. the Stars are moving further away from each other and scientists believe this is because of the resulting energy from the Big Bang. Scientists think that soon the universe will stop expanding and fall in on itself, causing the Big Crunch. They say that this process has been going on for a while and is a cycle. The universe seems to be reborn every time like in Buddhism- samsara. This theory is almost flawless but Christians could use the cosmological argument which states that we are in a series of cause and effect and there must have been an uncaused cause that started the universe e.g. God. So with that logic it could show that God was behind the origin of life. Science also uses Darwin?s Theory of Evolution to help explain the origins of life. This theory states that animals and plants adapt to their surroundings and evolve. This tries exclude from the equation. This theory could offer a better explanation because it shows how God didn?t need to create us because we have been able to adapt and evolve be ourselves over many years. Unfortunately, the theory only explains how animals and plants adapt and not where the universe came from and how we came to be. Also progress in genetics has not helped the evolution notion; the accidental profession claimed in evolution is thought to be brought about by chance mutations in the genome. Christianity also has its own views on how the universe and life was created. They say, in Genesis, that God created the world and man in six days and rested on the seventh. This could offer the explanation to the origins of life but this story doesn?t comprehend with facts and fossils we have found e.g. the dinosaurs. Also when the Bible was translated the word in Hebrew for day can also mean period of time. So this could be interrupted as over a few days or over many years meaning it is evolutionary. Finally, it could be just a story to show God?s qualities rather than give literal view. Some religions, like Buddhism, do not care about the origins of life rather they care about the here and now. This view could be the best explanation because you don?t worry about anything and just live your life. So, in conclusion neither science nor Christianity can offer an explanation better than each other because no one truly knows about the origins of life. Christianity offers a story, not really proof, about God?s qualities. Science is about the natural around us and can?t prove whether someone like God exists and if he could create us. In my opinion we need both explanations because they provide both sides of the argument for the existence of life because one explains how we came to be and the other is what we have become. Also science and religion combines with scientists who believe in God so they would use both concepts. So, science doesn?t offer a better explanation than Christianity but it does sometimes seem more logical.

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