The Effects of Alcohol on Pregnancy

The Effects of Alcohol on Pregnancy
Pregnant women who consume alcoholic beverages while pregnant, in my eyes, should be prosecuted for child abuse and even, depending on the severity, attempted murder and murder. The fetus receives no benefits from the mother?s drinking. On the contrary, the results of an alcohol abused pregnancy are usually quite devastating whether they are a direct effect of the mother?s drunkenness on the unborn child or a disease such as fetal alcohol syndrome or potential addiction on the delivered child.
When an alcoholic becomes pregnant, the fetus has great potential to suffer dire consequences related directly to the instances of alcohol consumption. Once intoxicated, physical stability can be altered allowing the possibility to fall and injure the fetus. Another aspect is that drunk people are more susceptible to fighting and violence making it unsafe for the unborn child. Also, if a pregnant woman under the effects of alcohol decides to drive a car, she is more likely to wreck injuring the fetus and herself. The alcohol itself damages the fetus. When the mother takes a drink of alcohol, the baby receives the same amount which means that every ounce of alcohol that the mother ingests is also ingested by a being only about 3 percent of her body weight.
Most devastating are the long term effects of alcoholism on children. The most well known disease is fetal alcohol syndrome which causes certain birth defects during fetal development. As children, they exhibit deficiencies in short-term memory and the ability to solve problems. They also display hyperactivity in school. These characteristics continue into adult life. A similar, but not as serious, situation is fetal alcohol effect. This is diagnosed when a child has some of the symptoms of fetal alcohol syndrome but not all.
Another harmful effect of alcohol on an unborn child is alcohol addiction. It is believed that addiction to alcohol is indeed hereditary. This means that the

pregnant woman is passing her genes of alcohol addiction to the unborn child in order for that child, if alive and female, to have the chance to pass these medical problems to another child. It also means that the unborn child will most likely be an alcoholic against his/her own will and will have the potential to be a danger to himself or herself and others later in life.
Alcohol is a toxin that many people put into their bodies. Increased amounts of it cause a person to vomit, which is the body?s means of getting rid of the poison. It is inconceivable that a person, a mother, who is supposed to be nurturing and safe for her child, would not guard such lethal amounts of toxins from entering her baby?s body. For instance, if a pregnant lady of average weight drinks a six pack of beer, she is consuming 72 ounces of beer. This is about how much an average fetus weighs. Can you imaging drinking half of your body weight of beer?
It should be common sense not to drink if you are pregnant. If the effects of long-term use as adults can be fatal, why would anyone subject an unborn child around 5 pounds to such abuse. That is exactly what it is, abuse, and pregnant alcoholics should make a choice between a child or alcohol. If both are chosen, they should be prosecuted depending on the severity of the case.
In conclusion, abortion is seen as a crime in this country because the government believes in equal rights and that even though the child is unborn and has no voice it has a right to life because it is human. These unborn children have no voice either and everyday children are being miscarried, stillborn, and born with such deficiencies as fetal alcohol syndrome and alcohol addiction. Is this not as severe as abortion? Do these children of alcoholic parents suffer any less? Should alcohol abused pregnancies not be seen as a crime in America, even though our government believes that the child has ?a right to life??

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