Gun Control

Gun Control
Guns have always been an increasing problem in our country. A lot of people use guns for hunting and other sports where guns are needed. There are also a lot of people who are using guns to kill or injure people. This has been a problem in the United States for many years. The gun control policies that the government has put into effect just flat out have not been working.
The second amendment of the United States Constitution says, ?A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.? There are many people who agree and disagree with this statement. The people who are members of the National Riffle Association and militias would totally agree with the second amendment because it lets them have the right to bear arms. But people who have had family members or friends killed by guns would probably not agree with people having the right to bear arms. In the past years the government had been stepping forward to increase gun control laws because of all the violence that is happening in our country. But it seems that the use of guns and the murder rate nationally is constantly rising.
There have been many proposals for rational gun control. One of these proposals that are currently in effect is A national system. People have to register their guns and ammunition so there would automatically be a file on them. Also this national system is helpful in tracking crimes after they have happened to bring the perpetrators to justice. There are also instant background checks on people attempting to buy guns or ammunition. So obviously if a person does not have a good background the weapons will not be sold to them and the police may bee called. There has been more education about guns implemented in shools to teach children about the dangers of guns and other weapons. Still in the testing process is the idea about handgrip ID tagging on guns. What this means is each guns is registered to the legal purchaser of the gun, and only that person can fire that gun. If another person tries to shoot the gun it will not work at all. The gun becomes useless and cannot be used to harm anyone. This idea would probably dramatically decrease the violence with guns to make our country a little safer. Another idea in effect is gun buy back. What this initials are that people who have guns can take them to police stations or other depots to get rid of guns and they will give you money for them.
Approximately 70 percent of murder victims in the United States in 1989 were killed with firearms. According to estimates, guns are responsible for injuring 70,000 victims last year, some were left disabled. In the United States the cost of shootings ranged to more than 14 billion nationwide for medical care. Children are often the cause of murders today. When kids find weapons in the parents or friend?s house they are often tempted to play with them. Unfortunately a lot of times the guns are loaded and the children end up killing themselves or other people on accident. It is also unfortunate that guns are responsible for many suicides. This should show society how guns are nothing but trouble and all guns should be discarded.
Our country would be so much safer if our national gun control proposals worked and law enforcement and the military only owned guns. It does not look like that would be possible because of the second amendment and it would not be politically realistic. Although many courts have limited the right to keep and bear arms and the right to own certain classes of weapons. All we can really do is keep educating people and teaching our children to the best of our ability that guns are very bad and they do nothing except harm people. Studies have actually shown that if we spend a lot of time teaching our children about gun control the chances of them using or coming in touch with a gun will dramatically decrease. One day hopefully all guns will be destroyed and the fear of the sound of gunfire and our children being killed will be relieved.

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