Exploring the Harmful Effects of Alcohol Versus Marijuana

Exploring the Harmful Effects of Alcohol Versus Marijuana
As of today alcohol is legal in all fifty states. Unlike alcohol Marijuana is prohibited. The laws of alcohol differ in each state, however one must be at least twenty one to consume and drink alcohol in every state. Also all states use a bac which stands for blood alcohol concentration which must be at or above eight percent. This means that a person with a bac of eight percent or higher is not allowed to drive. Along with this law there is one hat states one may not have a bottle or container with alcohol in their car. With marijuana it is illegal no matter what unless it is prescribed from a doctor for medical health.
Marijuana also known as cannabis is formed from the dried leaves and flowers of a hemp plant. Marijuana can be chewed or smoked. Many users roll it up like cigarette which is called a joint. Very few how ever will mix it into a drink or even their food. There are two types effects once marijuana has entered the system. There are short terms and a long term.
The short terms consist of slurring if words, loss of memory and sight, drowsiness, and hunger. Your heart rate will also increase and one in this state will feel anxiety. The long terms include cancer. This is the same cancer that is caused from the use of tobacco. Alcohol on the other hand is a colorless liquid that is used to put in drinks or solvents. Once put in drinks, the drinks become intoxicating. There are three types of alcohol drinks. They are beer, wine, and liquor. Like marijuana alcohol has many effects as well. These effects are determined by a persons weight, size, sex, and height. Some short term effects include slurred words, vomiting, nausea, dizziness, and morning sickness to the stomach and head for example cramps or headaches. Also alcohol can cause aggressiveness like child abuse or domestic violence. Some long term effects are alcoholism which is the same as addiction of alcohol. One can also damage their internal organs like the liver and brain. Pregnant mothers will have newborn babies with similar symptoms if not worse like an alcohol syndrome.
Marijuana can be proven to be safer than alcohol. Here are some statistics to prove this. To this day it is unknown of anyone being overdosed by an excessive amount of marijuana. On the other hand alcohol overdose also known as alcohol poisoning is very well-known. According to http://www.alcohol-information.com/ roughly fifty thousand cases of alcohol poisoning are recorded each year. When it comes to car accident, two and a half percent of fatal crashes were under the influence of marijuana. Twenty nine percent of fatal crashes were under the influence of alcohol. Due to so many fatal accidents arrived from drinking alcohol, a group of mothers who have lost children to an accident caused by alcohol have joined together to form a non profit organization. This organization is called Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (madd). Aside from overdoses and crashes, the illness that arrives from each substance can also become fatal in the long or even short run. I will now inform you about a couple of them. One with epilepsy can result in having seizures. Dizziness and impairment are well-known symptoms. As I mentioned earlier it can result in short term memory loss. As for alcohol you have emotional changes, lack of responsibilities, aggressiveness, and also mentioned earlier liver cancer.
Medical benefits are a plus no matter what the situation is referring to. When it comes to alcohol it decreases the risks of heart attacks. The only other benefits alcohol has is the medicine used for infections and cleansing which is called rubbing alcohol. As for marijuana its medical benefits are the only reason it can be tolerated or used in the United States. Marijuana can relieve certain types of pain such as nausea, vomiting, and multiple sclerosis. It has also been used to treat acquired immune deficiency syndrome (aids). Last but not least, marijuana has been used as a medical drug to help patients with glaucoma. Glaucoma is an abundant amount of fluid pressure in the eye normally caused by channel blocking from the aqueous humor drains. Getting high or ?stoned? is safer than being drunk or ?wasted?. The future of marijuana is safer and longer life lasting than it might be for alcohol. Death tolls for alcohol users are exceedingly higher than that of a marijuana user. According to http://drugwarfacts.org/cms/?q=node/30, the annual causes of death from alcohol are eighty-five thousand and zero for marijuana. Both substances are direct and indirect. In addition to the benefits of medicine and a longer life, there is more free space in jail cells. If the United States were to legalize marijuana we would free up plenty of space in jails for criminals who actually cause realistic crime. If we don?t arrest citizens for drinking and its deadlier why arrest them for a pitiful thing such as smoking. More and more murders and robbers run the streets every day and all the law can think about is getting rid or people who cause no harm but relaxation to themselves.
Legalization of alcohol is only giving people a reason to ?commit suicide or homicide?. Why allow a substance that is harmful in many ways and discriminate against a drug that is also harmful but in the same sense helpful in many ways. I have lost an uncle to a drunken driver. Unfortunately I was never able to meet him. The driver did a hit and run and was never found. As far as marijuana, I have a relative who is fond of the drug and the worst effect we have seen from them is the attitude of laziness. I can deal with Laziness better than I can deal with a loss to the family by means of alcohol.

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