World Poverty

World Poverty
(Facts)Glancing through the word poverty, one can see there are many fundamental meaning attach to it. Poverty is a very serious problem in the world today and has been defined in different ways for everyone to understand how it can affects one?s life .some dictionary defined poverty as the state of not having sufficient money to carter for basic needs such as clothes, food, and accommodation. Also, poverty has been a great issue since ancient time, base on some biblical stories such as the story of Jacob and Esau, the grandsons of Abraham. Due to hunger, the effect of poverty, Esau has to trade his birthright to his brother Jacob in return for food which later led to a huge conflict amongst the two brothers. Taking close look at these miseries surrounding poverty, one can see that the word poverty is similar to a contagious virus which when is affected by the atmosphere, it can causes great damage to the inhabitants .there are positive and negative aspects that causes poverty in the world today. Although there are many serious problems occurring in the world today, poverty seem to be the major cause and the three factors that play some major role of poverty would be the lack education, mismanagement of economy resources, and the outbreak of war.
One of the most contributive factors of poverty in the world today stands out to be lack of education. Education has always been the backbone of one?s success, without self discipline and determination; one can never build a good foundation of life. Imagine if the world was growing without education, many essential tool s for growth surviving would have been lacking. The lack of poverty can be derived from the increasing number of people going to school. Poor education has led to the downfall of man, many people drop out of school because they are poor or they lack sponsor to help them continue their education, this may lead to unemployment because they will lack the require skill needed to get a good job, for this reason, they become living in low income, lack sufficient amount food, and improper housing condition. In addition, education is a basic necessity that promotes the highest level of income in our modern society, so uneducated people become traps in their surrounding poverty. When people are trapped in poverty, they gradually become miserable and horrible from the stress they are facing, this lead to increase in crime rate. Think of all the murderers, arm rubbers, and drug addicts in our surrounding neighborhood today, the only reason that will cause people to commit these crimes is poverty. Some people become killing and stealing in other to have money to sustain their lives, while other become addicted in drugs due to the ongoing stress of lack of job due to insufficient educational skill. Here is a story about a boy from South Africa name Bongani Mzimela who could not finish his school because his parents are poor. Mzimela his own word said he misses his reading, learning to write and his friends.Photographer Francine Orr of Los Angeles Times added that ?Children head to class at Silwanetshe Primary School. About a third of South African youngsters won?t go past fifth grade; In his 16 years, Bongani Mzimela has gotten only a second-grade education; poverty and South Africa?s unemployment rate of up to 40% have kept him idling in the sparse fields of Willowfontein.?With Mzimela situation, who can argue that lack of education cannot lead to poverty. Now a question to ask ourselves, should poverty be defined base on poor education or on mismanagement of our economy resources?
Although everyone dreams to live in fantasy, not everyone is born rich. Some are fortunate to be in a lucky position while others in a different situation which they struggle to feed themselves once a day, sometime malnutrition result from not consuming the right amount of food. Many people from the developed world believed third world or Africa countries are poor; the simple truth is that, most Africa countries are blessed with abundant natural resources but lack good management skills. with this mismanagement of economy resources, the country economy will eventually fall, it is just like giving a thousand to an investor to invest, if he does not manages the money rightly, he would not profit. Cameroon is one of the countries in Africa that is blessed with plenty of natural resources, but due corrupts administration and mismanagement of the economy resources, the country become one of the poorest nation in Africa. The basic resource such as the petroleum, electricity, water, and rubber cooperation that brings in revenue and booze the country?s economy were sold to foreign private investors. These investors inflate prices and taxes on every products and make life harder for everyone, living standard become more expensive, thence many people start living above their income. Large families of seven to eight spend more of their income on food, sometimes could struggle to have insufficient food for a day; therefore the poverty level of these family turn to triple the cost economy food plan. Also the unemployment rate increases because many people working in the public sector were having low education qualification and cannot be recruited at the private sector. With the lost of job, people become more confuse and start living from hand to mouth, some turn to the forest to cultivate food to sustain their families. Poverty become the dawn of each day since government was unable to manage their resource due to lack of experience. Despite poor education and mismanagement of economy resources had been seen as major factors of poverty in the world today, war stand to be the worse cause of poverty.
War is evil and has been a great cause of poverty in many developing countries. Although Dr Falola says ?war can be seen as having some positive results, such as the emergence of alternative systems of profit and power to replace the breakdown of the ancient régime. In short, while they destroy, they can also create new forms of social capital.? Many under developed countries are suffering from poverty, because war has destroyed their home, agricultural lands, and school. People become homeless and turn to seek refuge in a peaceful country. When these refugee migrate into another country, the population of that country increases thus lead to a rise in poverty rate. Normally when a country is over populated, the government find it difficult to manage it resources. The government come up with plan of building refugee?s camp to feed, clothes and shelter the war victim, as a result, the wages of the employers will be reduced , alternatively, employee with large family size suffer the effect, some individual quite their job, hence the unemployment gap become widen. People start living with less. Since the schools are being destroy due to war, many children develops the urge to make money. Students will drop out of school to seek for more jobs to earn a living. With the stress of making more money to support themselves, their hope to go back to school is diminished. War stand as a bad influence to poverty. Not only war result to poverty, critical health condition can lead to a down fall of man.
Many people are getting poor because of serious health problems derive from war. If we look at what is going on in the world today, we will see that peaceful nation, educated people and rich people are living healthy with no stress surrounding them. They can easily treat or cure for any diseases that are found in them, while the poor will find it difficult to afford for a cure of headache. War cause people to live in remote areas because their home has been destroyed. People living in these unhealthy and polluted environments, developed diseases from the bacteria infected in water. The article ?Health ill Abound as Farm Runoff Foul Wells? written by Charles Duhigg argues that, in Morrison, more than 100 wells were polluted by agricultural runoff. Therefore stemming parasites into the drinking waters, hence resulting to an outbreak of bacteria infectious diseases such as chronic diarrhea, stomach illnesses, and severe ear infection . As a matter of fact, thousands of inhabitants have fallen ill from these diseases, and suffered the infection due to lack of fund for treatment. Also the health insurance is very expensive in the united state of America; people with serious health condition barely receive treatment. Eventually, a low income person with disease such as cancer will not suffer because no doctor will be willing to give treatment without payment. Therefore poor healthy condition with little or no fund will lead to poverty. Social drama on the other hand causes misery to children.
Children are very important and innocent from the issues that are happening in the home. A child was not asked to be brought in the world, and it will be wrong to see them suffer from their parent?s issue. When married couple starts having problems, the next step eventually leads to divorce with children trap in the middle. Sometimes, the father leaves behind mother and the children with less income to live on. At this point, both the mother children start a new lifestyle where the mother becomes an alcoholic and the children thieves or prostitute due to the trauma from divorce.

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