The Negative Effects of Smoking Tobacco

The Negative Effects of Smoking Tobacco
One may think they have benefits from smoking because they fit in the crowd. Of course, that?s not true. Someone may tell you that if you smoke you?ll be cool and everyone will like you. Then the crowd that smokes will like you but others may not. Your family may think you are uncool since you smoke. Other friends that you had may start not liking you since they won?t want to be around you when you smoke. You might start to rather smoke then be with your friends. These are the unbeneficial things you may get from smoking. If you smoke you will have bad financial problems. Most people smoke about 20 cigarettes a day which is 1 pack. So you smoke 1 pack a day, 30 packs a month, and 360 packs a year and probably a few more at friends houses. Now, 1 pack is $3.00 which averages out to around $1080 a year. Imagine what you could do with that money! Buy a new stereo, TV, motorcycle, almost anything except a car or house. But added to that you have to think of spending money on paint for your house since the tar from tobacco smoke collects on walls. You will need to buy new tooth brushes and toothpaste for your smelling and dirty mouth, and more money on medicine since you are able to catch colds and flus easier.The minimal cost a year would probably be about $1500. You will get major effects if you smoke.
Cigarette smoke contains tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, and many other toxic substances. Smoking gives you twice the amount of risk for getting cancer. You have the chance of getting cancer of the lung, larynx, mouth, and esophagus. The smoke destroys the cilia in your respiratory tract so there is constant coughing. If you are pregnant, the nicotine will effect the birth by having smaller babies, premature babies, and more stillbirths. You also effect the people around you while you smoke. It?s called secondhand smoke, I will get the same effects that you get from smoking since I inhale the same 2000 harmful things in smoke. 50,000 people die from secondhand smoke each year. This is what happens to you when you smoke. Sometime in my life I will have to make a decision whether I want to smoke?.. or not. But, I already have. I don?t want to smoke in the future for my sake and others. I don?t want to endanger my life and others, also I don?t want to support the tobacco industry. Tobacco makes your family and friends not like you as much. Family and friends are the best things someone could have. I think tobacco sucks and I will never want to touch a cigarette bud to my lips ever!
Under Age Smoking

Statistics show that 3 out of 4 under age kids that try to buy cigarette get away with it though, in America it is illegal to sell cigarettes to kids under the age of 18 though most stores do. The average age a kid starts smoking at fourteen and a half, but if your don?t start by the age of 19 you?ll probably never start. Over an alarming 3000 under age kids/per day start smoking. One out of three under age kids die from smoking. Most kids say they like to smoke because it,?Calms their Nerves?,?Tastes good?, or ?Because everyone I hand out with does it.? Seven out of ten high school seniors with they had never started because it is so hard to quit. Cigarette company?s spend over 6 billion dollars a year to try to lore under age kids as well as older people into smoking. They use things such as points that you can get free items with, or spokes models that are appealing to kids.
Diseases Caused By Smoking Explained

Lung Disease ? Cigarette smoking is the most common cause of lung disease. The poisons contained in cigarette smoke have a deadly effect on the many different cells that keep the respiratory organs clean and healthy. In the middle and upper respiratory system, toxins from cigarette smoke can kill the cilia that sweep particles out, permanently destroy the protective cell layer that lines the airways, and cause the mucous membranes to make a thick, unhealthy mucus. In the lungs, smoke particles destroy the macrophage cells that move through the lung tissue eat bacteria, dust, pollens, and other foreign substances.
Lung Cancer ? Lung cancer kills more people than any other disease of the respiratory system and is also caused by smoking. The cells of any part of the airways may become deformed growing so fast that they use up all the nutrients needed by the normal cells to continue living. Cancer is deadly if not detected very early.
Emphysema ? One group of these diseases is known as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or C.O.P.D., which includes emphysema. C.O.P.D. is caused by long-term clogging of the smaller airways by poisonous particles such as those found in cigarette smoke or coal dust. The alveoli in a lung with emphysema begin to break apart and can no longer absorb oxygen, leading to gradual suffocation.
As I sat across from my boss at work the other day, a flourish of hot air and smoke struck my face. The toxic smoke came from his stained mouth. The fumes from the cigarette he was smoking gagged me, forcing me to cough up the disgusting gas. Yet, I said nothing to him and acted as if it didn?t bother me. I then realized how this happens far too often. Americans must not condone smoking by not saying anything, but take responsibility for their health and the health of others. People must convince walking smokestacks to quit this rude, and foul habit of smoking.
The cost that smoking has on society far outreaches the $2.59 that people pay for a pack of cigarettes. It is estimated that each year over 100 billion dollars is lost to smoking on everything from lost productivity of smokers, to the wasted money on cartons of Marlbros. The cost of insurance also is increased because of smoking. Life insurance for a smoker is double that of nonsmokers, but it is also increased for non-smokers because of the effects of second hand smoke. Cigarettes are the second most advertised product on the market. Almost four billion dollars is spent on the promotion of the sales of cigarettes. This money could be used for a more valuable cause like cancer research or conservation of rain forests. Instead it?s wasted on the promotion of a product that hurts the user as well as everyone associated with them.
The business industry also feels the effects of smoking. Factories and corporations alike must build ventilated smoking areas for smokers to take a cigarette break. They then must build a non-smoking lounge so nonsmokers don?t have to ingest the horrid vapors. Companies must also make up for lost work when the smokers are absent. The average smoker will miss six and half more days than a nonsmoker. This forces healthy nonsmoking workers to pick-up the slack for the coughing, infected smokers. Business owners should not put up with smokers missing days and taking cigarettes breaks. They shouldn?t endorse their addiction, but help them to quit this nasty addiction by setting up rehabilitation sessions.
Smoking not only effects the person who is inhaling, but everybody around them. Aside from turning the pink flourishing lungs of a smoker dismal black, the second hand smoke scars the lungs of innocent bystanders. Second hand smoke is extremely harmful to both adults and children. Each year over 3000 people die due to the toxic second hand smoke. Children are probably most effected by the exhaled soot. There are over 4000 different chemicals that are pushed into the atmosphere for every puff taken. These deadly chemicals can be inhaled by helpless kids going about their childhood. That is why each year 225,000 infants and small children go to the hospital with respiratory tract infections due to second hand smoke. We shouldn?t put up with smokers who pollute children?s clean air.
Americans have always made excuses for smokers, saying they?re hooked and deserve special rights. Nonsmokers should speak out against smokers that hurt our country. Everybody has the right to breath clean, fresh air, without running the risk of hurting themselves. The putrid gas omitted by cigarette smoke doesn?t only hinder the smokers health, but everybody?s health. Society must convince smokers that it?s not worth the risk. Smoking isn?t worth dying for.

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