The Organizational Strategies of Nurse H.

The Organizational Strategies of Nurse H.
Growing up in a rural town in Alabama the most available job was working at the chicken house. This was a production-based job where they worked from daybreak until sundown. In this job, production was the key according to the workers. People always stated the more chickens they prepare; the greater job security because they were productive workers. They failed to mention that the amount of chickens prepared wrong during the speed race cause the company money and time. Increase numbers with poor quality does not add to a productive worker.
In nursing, a productive nurse can manage her assignment in an organized way. Organization is the key to production. Nurse H. shift is from 6:45 pm to 7:15 pm, but she leaves at 9:00 am. Why is this happening? Nurse H. lacks organization and time management skills. The costs of this to the company in overtime range in the thousands and the budget is effect. The cost to Nurse H. could determine whether she keeps her job, loses a raise or receive disciplinary action. If Nurse H. is leaving late, then the next nurse is late starting. This cycle needs correcting to prevent further problems.
First, Nurse H. needs to know what needs accomplishing during her shift and schedule her time. Patient care is always priority and the number one goal in nursing. Patient care includes medical care within the scope of the nurse?s practice. She has twelve hours to complete care on six patients in a shift with a Nurse tech. Time cannot always be exact in this field, but an approximate completion time of duties will help. Such as within the first two hours Nurse H. will clock in, receive assignment, make rounds, open bedside charts, check station charts, pass eight o clock meds and address patient?s needs at time. This will allow her time for any emergencies that occur such as, Codes, falls, disgruntle families or listening time with patients. The rest of the shift consists of rounds every two hours, medications per schedule, addressing issues and bedside care.
Nurse H. needs to prioritize her workload based on importance. She needs to a make a list of duties and allow adequate time for completion. Learning to delegate, certain tasks help save the nurse time. She must answer her phone, check the battery, and make sure the phone power is on. She needs to come prepared for work with pens, scissors, markers, alcohol pads, paper, and syringes. Preparing a cart set up with supplies keeps Nurse H. from backtracking to the supply room and this will save time. These simple organizational skills will help enhance her productivity with her workload.
A productive person is an organized person, who can efficiently manage there time to get the job done. A person who can maximize there time without minimizing the quality of work is an asset to the company.

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