The Different Parenting Methods Used in Today's Society

The Different Parenting Methods Used in Today's Society
How well do parents raise their children in present times? Every parent has their own way of raising their children. Some people are against certain methods. It is also believed that some parents are too strict on their children and others are accused of being too easy on them. These methods can both bring serious consequences in the future. Therefore, there are a few factors that should be kept in mind when raising a child: keep a balance in the way a child is being treated, discipline level, and consequences of chronic comfort in infants.
Primarily, keeping a balance in the way an infant is being raised. Based on the article: ?Pampering Parents?, a great amount of American parents say ?it is more important to make their children good citizens than it is to make them happy.? Though this may be somewhat true, children shouldn?t be raised solely to be good citizens and ignoring their emotional sentiments. I believe children would better off being raised with simultaneous ?discipline and structure? and ?warmth and encouragement?. An infant raised with these qualities can ultimately create the ?good citizen? parents desire. Children raised too strictly would eventually lack the affection their parents are denying them. Furthermore, happy children can possess the potential to rise as a ?good citizen?.
Secondly, many parents in society are way ?too easy on their kids?. Today, parents allow their children to have perhaps, too much freedom. They allow their children to do as they please. There is a lot of violence lurking everywhere in society. Children can be easily influenced by others to use drugs and alcohol, and become delinquents. Parents in the past were very strict and even put sleep schedules, and would force them to sleep whether they cried or not. Some parents would ignore their infants? cries, while others would seek to seize their cries. Parents tend to spoil their kids by satisfying them in everything, and giving them everything they want. In my opinion, parents should only give their children what they want as rewards for their accomplishments.
Lastly, consequences of chronic comfort in babies. Babies cry all the time seeking immediate comfort. At this sight, parents quickly comfort their baby to end their crying. Babies shouldn?t be comforted constantly, as this would have a negative effect on the infant. Sometimes babies cry for attention. The article ?Pampering Parents? states that most mothers believe that ?babies should be comforted whenever they cry?. This is not true. If babies were always comforted, they would get used to it and will only worsen their cries knowing that they will be comforted.
Conclusively, every parent raises their infants using different methods. Some parents are too light on their kids while some are too strict. Children, especially teenagers need a limited amount of freedom and should always be advised by their parents to prevent problems from arising. Being too easy on children can spoil them, but being too strict may cause depression and other problems in kids and teens.

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