World War Two's Effects on the World

World War Two's Effects on the World
world war II was a war of course it was a world war. by this i mean it affected the whole world.
world war II was a grevious and bloody war. this war (world war II) had more deaths than any other war ever fought.
it all started in germany where a man known as Adolf Hitler was being given germany practicly on a platter. Hitler was a very smart man, he played a whole nation and made them believe he was for real. once he was given germany, he seized control. taking over everything and exterminating all that opposed. hitler was part of the nazi party (which was also known as the national socialist german worker?s party) which later on became the the only political party in germany.
Practicly no one believed he could do it, by the time they reliezed he could, it was to late.
Hitler was very ambitious, it was his ambition that caused this great war to began. Hitler took over many place some of these being finland, poland, and parts of france.
World War II was all started by Hitlers rage, and his idea that germans were the perfect race, and that all inferior races should be killed. Hitlers main concern was with the jews. his attacks on them, and the attacks on other races together with the attacks on him and the wars fought in between, are what World War II was mainly made up of.
During world war II Hitler had many concentration camps made to hold, and kill jewish people. these camps were nasty unsanitery putrid grounds, sorrounded by bob wire fences and guarded by guards that were ready to kill. there jews were killed by toxic gasses that were exucuted. that is if they didnt die of starvation or disease first.
many families went into hiding during this time. they would rather have died in there own, than be torchered or helped
World War II brought many new things to the world. It could have been called a revolution.
it was the first war to use atomic weapons. the atomic bomb, which was small enough to carry in a plane, yet destructive enough to cause total un-controlable chaos.
later on in the war, japan decided to bomb pearl harbor. which was a big mistake for them. because on august 6, 1945 the atomic bomb was dropped.
with that and hitlers death the war soon drew to an end. many people call this war the last "good" war. this war boast the most deaths ever recorded in a war. its magnitude and effect it had on people still, today live in the hearts of many.

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