The Effects of Losing Rainforest

The Effects of Losing Rainforest
According to the article satellite images reflect that the Amazon rainforest is diminishing at an enormous rate. About 10,000 square miles of this beautiful forest is being lost to pastures for grazing, soybean plantations, and illegal logging. Since the year before there has been a forty percent increase in the deforestation of the Amazon forest. The Amazon is the world?s largest tropical rainforest. They expect this horrible trend to only become worse. Some conclude that if the forest is not protected that it will be wiped out in only eighty years!
The destruction of our earth?s rainforest is very depressing. Last semester I took Ecol 1000 and this class deals with all of the horrible things humans do to our planet. I didn?t realize that the rainforests were being destroyed at such a dramatic pace. People use a technique called ?slash and burn? which enables them to clear plots in order for cattle or for other agricultural purposes. The rainforest provides a habitat for a wide array of species. This is not fair for people to go in and take over there homes. The destruction of the rainforests has intense adverse affects on lots of differing things. Rainforest not only house a great number of species of insects and trees but it also holds cures for diseases. The destruction of the rainforest has not really been proven how it will affect us because there is so much information to be gathered. We do not know all of the consequences that we will endure once all of the trees are gone and all of the wild life has been destroyed.
It is scary to think about the consequences we may suffer. Once all of these magnificent forests are gone the green house gas levels will increase and we also don?t know all of the harmful effects that this may cause. We need to do everything possible to develop a way to better manage the destruction of our rainforest before it is to late!


As our population grows every year, we lose very valuable resources. People are continuously reducing the biodiversity of our planet. The loss of biodiversity with our tropical rainforests, oceans, and lakes are very harmful and unpredictable.
Rainforest are so rich with various species that it is highly doubtful that we will ever encounter them all. Rainforest are being destroyed by developing nations in order for homes, agriculture, and other various reasons. This loss of rainforest has many unpredictable consequences. Rainforests provide us with medicines, but there could also be cures for cancer waiting for someone to discover. Humans need to take advantage of these priceless resources and gain all that we can from them. It is estimated that more than one half of the species on earth lice in these complex forests.
The recovery of species and forests is sometimes possible. Humans have a devastating effect on biodiversity and the rate of human caused extinctions is rapidly rising. These forests are being reduced 100,000 square kilometers a year. From deforestation alone it is expected that we lose 4,000-6,000 species a year. As had as companies may try to recreate an ?old growth? forest. It will never be the same again. There is more money to be made in harvesting products that come from rainforest than clear cutting for timber.

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