Legalization of Marijuana

Legalization of Marijuana
There are many people that are very sick in this world. They don?t want to
live no more. If marijuana makes them happy. If it makes them feel like their
old self again, then I?m all for the legalization for medical purposes only. It
has been proven that marijuana helps out very ill patients. With no other
treatment options. Many patients say that it makes them feel stronger. Scott
a patient on marijuana says " that marijuana is a good medicine." But the feds
need more proof than that. Marijuana can be used to treat pain in many ways.
For nausea, appetite loss caused by advanced cancer and Aids, multiple
sclerosis, glaucoma, and other ailments.
Most medical marijuana users are
males usually in their forties and suffering from Aids. The next most common
users for medical marijuana are cancer patients. If marijuana does become
legal it will be under strict medical oversight. There are many other ways to
get the same effect without actually smoking the marijuana. There is already
a pill called marinol, the only legal one out. Several small companies are
developing smokeless cigarettes, new pills, an inhaler and even a marijuana
suppository. Still, all of that is years away. In march a federal judge in
Pennsylvania dismissed challenges to a lawsuit seeking to legalize marijuana
for medical purposes, at issue was the governments ?compassionate use?
policy, which allows only a handful of seriously ill patients to take the drug
legally, while denying it to others. I am against that so called ?compassionate
use? policy. If two people are in pain, but one is near death and the other is
not. You can not give one medicine and make the other suffer. Even if they
did, how would they determine the cut off line for how sick you were,
whether or not you could get marijuana.
Many people who are for the legalization of marijuana are also for
legalizing it for everyone. I am very much against that. I feel that marijuana
is a gateway drug it leads to heavier drugs like heroin or cocaine. If you were
to ask around you would find that almost every user of cocaine and heroin
started on marijuana. I also feel that smoking anything just for the goal of
getting high is morally wrong. If marijuana was legal there would be as many
people smoking it. As people now smoke cigarettes. When things are legal
most people feel that it cannot be very harmful or the government wouldn?t
have made it legal. If marijuana was legal all the people that abuse it now
would abuse it even more. Plus many people that were scared to use it before
would start and a lot would not be able to stop. They would start on heavier
drugs like cocaine, crack or heroin. This whole country would be filled with
a bunch of drug addicts that had no common goal except sitting around and
getting high. Which would cause more crime. If people sat around high all
day, they probably wouldn?t work. They would need money for there drugs,
so they would steal. All I can say is this world would be a total disaster if
marijuana was legal, you would have to get high yourself just to put up with it

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