Women's Rights

Women's Rights
The gender differences between men and women in society has been drastically
reduced since the early thirties when, ?Their Eyes Were Watching God? was first
published. Through equal rights movements and generational education sexism and
biases have been almost completely abolished. To deny some one of their human
rights simply because of their gender is ignorance. Women and men should be
treated equally depending on the type of person they are not on there gender.
Zora Hurston dealt with the sexism as well as the racism of the early twentieth
century not only as a woman but also as an African American. She grew up in a
time when racism was still very prominent in society. In the early thirties
until the late sixties a women?s role in society was to provide for her family
and husband. After the sixties the women?s rights movements were in full
effect, women were actually pursuing their rights declared to them by the
Declaration of Independence, they would not stand to be submissive anymore.
They pursued their rights thoroughly and today women and men are seen together
as equals, in the voting booths as well as the employment field?s. The
evolution of equality for women has been a long process starting in the early
thirties, continuing throughout the sixties and today has been obtained in
American society.In the early thirties women?s roles were quite different then today. In the
novel ?Their Eyes Were Watching God? the main female character, Janie, played
the role of a submissive unhappy housewife. Her role in the novel was to be
subservient to her husband in an unhappy marriage that lasted some twenty-three
years. She moved to an all African American town and her husband being wealthy
was the mayor. She would watch over his business ventures, and work for him.
She did not enjoy working for him he was condescending when he spoke to her and
treated her as less then equal. ?You sho loves to tell me whut to do, but Ah
can?t tell you nothn? Ah see!? ?Dat?s cause you need telln?,? he rejoined hotly.
?It would be pitiful if Ah didn?t. Somebody got to think for women and chillun
and chickens and cows. I god, they sho don?t think none theirselve?s.? (Pg. 71)
In the 1930?s it was common for a husband to speak at or down to his wife. It
was unheard of for a wife to back talk to her husband, if she did, she was most
likely to be beat. This is unfair and wrong. A woman, especially a mans wife
should be treated with the utmost respect, especially by her husband. A
marriage should be equal and fair; a husband should not be controlling and
abusive. Jody, Janie?s husband was insecure with himself and as Janie got older
he took it out on her. Jody had always been a handsome man, and when he was old
you could tell that time had worn on him. To compliment physically beating
Janie he also found it easy to verbally humiliate and abuse her. When she would
back talk him, or even speak for that matter, he would become violent. ?I god
amighty! A woman stay round uh store till she get old as Methusalem and still
can?t cut a little thing like a plug of tobacco! Don?t stand dere rolln? yo? pop
eyes at me wid yo? rump hangn? nearly to yo? knees!? " Tain?t no use in gettn?
all mad, Janie, ?cause Ah mention you ain?t no young gal no mo?"(pg.79) Janie
replys, ?Naw, Ah ain?t no young gal no mo? but den Ah ain?t no old woman
neither. Ah reckon Ah looks my age too. But Ah?m uh woman every inch of me, and
Ah know it. Dat?s mor?n you can kin say. You big-bellies round here put out a
lot of brag, but ?tain?t nothn? to it but yo big voice. Humph! Talkin? bout me
look?n old! When you pull down yo? britches, you look like da change of yo?
life? (pg. 79) ?Then Joe Starks realized all the meanings and his vanity bled
like a flood. Janie had robbed him of his illusion of irresistible maleness
that all men cherish, witch was terrible. She had cast down his empty armor
before men and they had laughed. Joe Starks didn?t know what to do, so he struck
Janie and ran her from the store. (Pg. 80) How is this fair? Jody Starks has
been abusing and controlling his wife for years, she finally stands up to him
and gets a beating for it. Ethics and morals should play a role in the way
people are treated. People should follow the golden role, ?treat people as you
would want to be treated.? Through awareness and education over many years this
idea has slowly taken a foothold in society.
The road to equality for women has been a long process. Starting in the
nineteen sixties, the president was the first to try and drum up support for
women?s rights. John F. Kennedy set up the first national commission on the
status of women in 1962. In 1963 the commission issued a report detailing
employment, discrimination, unequal pay, and legal inequality. This was one of
our first presidents to take an active interest in women?s social role in
society. Due to JFK?s active interest, in 1964 Title 7 was passed. This Title
barred employment discrimination based on sex, race, color and ethnic origin.
The main movement for women?s equality was during the sixties; this decade was
as proactive as any other. At the end of the sixties and in the beginning of
the seventies, women?s rights finally came into mass effect. On August 26th
1970 to the day of the fiftieth anniversary of women?s suffrage, women from all
over the nation joined together and marched for their rights. A few years later
in 1972 the era (equal rights amendment) passed. It was the 27th amendment; it
made all forms of discrimination based on sex illegal. Today women in most
courtiers across the world have gained more rights then they have ever had in
the past. A large part of this is due to the movements of the sixties, and
people (men) realizing that women and men are not really all that different.
Today women are still fighting and trying to earn complete equality between the
sexes. Women are still held out of governmental offices throughout the world.
In parliamentary industrial countries women make up only 9% of office, and in
developing countries they make up only 12%. Women are slowly breaking into the
business world and gaining a foothold. In the early nineties in the U.S women
only held 8% of top managerial positions. Outside of the U.S women only make up
1% of executives in the top 1000 companies in the world. Even with these
present statistics women are still doing better than ever before. What does
this say about our society then? If women are less then 10% of the
international business force, and barely 10% in the U.S what kind of
opportunities do we offer women for business advancement?
Women should not be oppressed due to their sex. They can complete any mental or
physical task as well as any other human being. People need to stop being so
ignorant, and look pass their own personal bias?s, and racisms. Women are
people and should be treated with the same amount of respect and consideration
as any other person. Women?s role in society should be as predominant and
forthcoming as anyone else.

Women's Rights 9.1 of 10 on the basis of 1981 Review.