Ways to Reduce Risk of Coronary Artery Disease

Ways to Reduce Risk of Coronary Artery Disease
Coronary artery disease is caused by the accumulation of plaque inside the heart arteries blocking blood flow to the heart. Plaque is the made-up of fat, cholesterol, cell debris, and calcium. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, heart disease is the number one killer for both men and women in The United States. Every year, there is about half of a million people died from coronary artery disease (cad). That is about seventy percent of all heart disease. The chances of getting cad increase as people aged. For example, men over forty five or women over fifty five will have greater risk of cad than youngers. Healthy lifestyle changes such as not smoking, low fat and salt diet, low in carbohydrate, regular exercise, and learning to manage stress can prevent or delay cad. The benefits of these lifestyle changes will be closely examined in the following paragraphs.
Tobacco contains many harmful substances that can increase chances of getting cad. For example, nicotine constricts blood vessels that reduces blood flow to the heart. Overtime nicotine weakens the heart due to less nutrients and oxygen needed to nourish the heart. Nicotine can also promote platelets aggregation that increases the chances of blood clots in the heart arteries. Carbon monoxide formed by smoking attracts hemoglobin instead of oxygen and consequently allows erythrocytes to carry less oxygen. While the body needs maximum amount of oxygen available to function properly. As a result, the heart has to work harder and faster in order to deliver the required oxygen to the rest of the body. The short term effect is to increase the heart rate and create dyspnea. For long term effect, there would be a fat build-up inside the heart arteries. Stop smoking will help to limit the chances getting of cad.
Besides, a low fat and salt diet will reduce chances of getting heart disease. For example, a small bowel of oatmeal for breakfast contains high soluble fibers which will fight against high cholesterol. Soluble fibers attach to fatty acids in the small intestine and prevent them to absorb into the body. This will lower cholesterol in the circulation. Choosing skinless chicken or fish over hamburger or bacon as a daily protein source will also help to lower cholesterol. This does not mean to omit hamburgers or bacon completely but only once or twice per week. The better way is to consume more chicken or fish. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables is another great source of soluble fibers. These soluble fibers will trap fat molecules in the small intestine and prevent them from absorbing. Watching salt consumption while cooking or at the table is a good way to control the blood pressure. An uncontrollable high blood pressure all the time makes the arteries hardening. This makes them more prone to burst. Learning to manage high cholesterol and blood pressure is a great way to prevent cad.
A diet high in soluble fiber such as fresh fruits or vegetables can prevent or delay diabetes. Fresh fruits or vegetable can trap carbohydrates in the small intestine which can prevent them from absorbing. Soluble fibers can also slow down the absorption of sugar into the body. While a bar of candy or white bread has faster rate of absorption than fresh fruits or vegetables. A high blood sugar overtime can contribute to diabetes. Controlling diabetes can help to prevent cad because it is a risk factor for cad.
American Heart Association recommend to exercise at least thirty minutes per day for three times per week. This can be done in the form of housekeeping, walking or gardening. Excercise will make the heart to pump more blood which can bring more oxygen to the cells including the heart. Oxygen is essential to the heart without it the heart will die. Excercise will burn more energy. The body will convert sugar into engery . After the sugar level run low, the body will turn to fat to convert into much needed energy. This will low both sugar and fat in the body. Exercise is also a good way to relax which can help to lower the blood pressure. Thus, excercise will be very beneficial to the heart.
A stress situation cause the heart to activate a series of respond to deal with situation. One way is to increase the blood pressure and heart rate. This will supply more oxygen to the brain and muscle much needed to respond. The body also needs more energy to respond. The energy will come from fat store in the liver and fat tissues. The body is not efficiently use all the fat in the circulation. Overtime, the cholesterol will increase in the circulation which can contribute to cad. There are ways to reduce stress such as listen to music, exercise and relaxing. Learning to manage stress is very beneficial to the heart.
Following a low in fat and salt diet, not to smoke, low in carbohydrate diet, exercise and reducing stress can prevent or delay heart disease. These healthy lifestyles changes can also be beneficial to people with one or more non-modifiable rish factors such as gender, age or heredity. Finding way to incorporate these strategies into daily activity can bring healthy life for many years to come. It is also good for the pocket because a good health does not need any medications.

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