How has technology changed society? Capitalism Vs. Socialism, how are they alike, different ? Which is most Productive ?

How has technology changed society? Capitalism Vs. Socialism, how are they alike, different ? Which is most Productive ?
Technology has changed about every aspect of life from the most extreme to the simplest. Look at the invention of the washer and dryer, the hours of physical labor of washing clothing items one by one then hanging them on the line to dry, now cut to a forty five minute process from start to finish for an entire load of clothing.

gps I know as a women I love this technology advance, I am one of the lucky women that has the ?I don?t need directions, husbands.? This has turned getting to the location for a family vacation into something that was like work and caused stress into a moment that can be enjoyed".
I look at the technologies that have changed since my childhood, for example dinners that my grandmother would cook for the family and she would cook for two or more days to assure that everything was ready and perfect. I have to wonder what she would think today to step into my kitchen with a double oven one that is confection so it cooks in half of the time as well as a microwave That is also a grill. I really would love to see her enjoy a kitchen of today.
The moment man first picked up a stone or a branch to use as a tool, he altered irrevocably the balance between him and his environment . From this point, on everything around him changed was different . It was no longer regular or predictable New objects appeared that were not recognizable as a mutation of something that had existed before, and as each one emerged it altered the environment not for a season but for ever . Whereas, the number of these tools remained small, their effect took a long time to spread and to cause change but, as they increased, so did their effects: the more the tools, the faster the rate of change .
Historically, people in the United States took only passing note of the countries beyond our own borders (John J Macionis, page 7.)
In recent decades, however, this country and the rest of the world have become linked as never before. Electronic technology now transmits sounds, pictures, and written documents around the globe in seconds (John J Macionis, pg. 7.).
One effect of new technology is that people the world over now share many tastes in food, clothing, and music (John J Macionis, pg. 7.). Rich countries such as the United States influence other nations, whose people are ever more likely to gobble up our Big Mac?s and Whoppers, dance to hip-hop music, and speak the English language (John J Macionis, pg. 7.).

Capitalism: free-market system: an economic system based on the private ownership of the means of production and distribution of goods, characterized by a free competitive market and motivation by profit (Encarta World English Dictionary.).

Socialism: a political theory or system in which the means of production and distribution are controlled by the people and operated according to equity and fairness rather than market principles (Encarta World English Dictionary.).

Capitalism is a way that a man or woman can live their life in a manner that they see fit as long as they do not take advantage of the rights of others. You can own your own company and manage it the way you see fit, this can allow you to live at middle income or to become very wealthy. In this market you must be motivated to work hard to obtain the wealth that is achievable.

Socialism is to the oppisite extreme as the government controls the ownership of business, banks and other manufaturers. Socialism is suppose to benifit the entire economy not just the wealthy investors or owners. The government controls the production of goods with the worker still being allowed to choose what they will produce.

The combination of Capitalism and Socialism to create a balanced, healthy economy is society all that is really imporrtant at the end of the day.

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