Effects of depression

Effects of depression
John had a decision to make and he had to make it now, he had to decide if he would go to see his doctor or if he should just ignore the symptoms. Many people would say if John needed to go to the doctors because he was sick, than he should just go because that is what you would do if you where sick. What you don?t know about Johns symptoms is that he is depressed. There are many reasons why a person can get depressed, however this subject is not talked about in public very often. However, many people go through life having been depressed at one time or another.Depression can be especially cruel in that it doesn?t affect just the depressed person, but everyone around them, too. Someone who is depressed can be very difficult to deal with. What makes this so cruel is, that as a relationship with the depressed person become strained to the point where others avoid having anything to do with them, this further contributes to a deeper depression and makes the person feel even more isolated which might intensify the depression.
Being depressed can affect three major areas in a persons life, in the first area it can affect your workplace. Your fellow workers might look at it as though you are a moody person, that goes through mood swings at the drop of a hat. Your boss may look at it as though you have an attitude about your job and that your production level is down and that you just don?t care about work anymore. Your customers may look at it as
though you don?t want to deal with them anymore or don?t want their business, these are a few ways that your depression can affect your job because of a misunderstanding and misdiagnosed symptoms.

Depression may cause you to lose your job without the right diagnose and treatment. It can also affect your family and loved ones also with them pulling away from you, because your mood swings and temper is just to much for them to handle, as the relationship with the depressed person become strained to the point where others avoid having anything to do with them. Life has become unbearable with you around them, so the tend to avoid you. As you go deeper into a depressed illness everything and everyone around you just don?t seem important anymore. Depression has already taken it?s effect on you, whether you realize it or not.
Life is tough, you have blocked everyone out of your life and you just want to crawl somewhere and be alone. You might lock yourself in your bedroom or a study room because life as a whole has just become to much for you to handle. You have thoughts about how life has no meaning, and you are at the end of your ropes and that you just don?t have the strength to fight it anymore. Death would be better than living and you may even be contemplating on how to take your life. You start to think of how you might take your own life and not thinking about how this might effect others around you. You are not thinking about others right now you are just focusing on yourself and how bad you feel, and how life is not fair.

When you reach this phase of depression your only hope to pull out at this stage is by seeking medical help. If your John and you have reached this deep into being depressed you really need to see your doctor. The good news is that if you go seek medical help, you can be cured. Depression is a illness and there is a cure for it through the help of a doctor and medications. In the world of medicine they have made anti-depressant pills and other medications to help you.
In conclusion if you?re a John or even a Jane and you find that depression is starting to take over your life, do yourself and your loved ones a favor. Go get medical help and don?t play around, depression is a illness and if left untreated it could end up taking your precious life.

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