Coca-Cola or Pepsi: The True King of Pop

Coca-Cola or Pepsi: The True King of Pop
He lets out an ahhh of satisfaction as he sets down the cup. There is an excited silence to the crowd as they wait to hear the verdict. Will he choose Pepsi or will it be Coca-Cola? It is a question that many wonder about and can be a very tricky question. Both sides say that theirs taste?s better and both have strong proof to back that up. But I am here to help settle the issue once and for all and show to you that taste isn?t everything one should judge. When all is done I will prove to you that in the end there can be no doubt that Coca-Cola is the king of pop.To truly understand the complexities of what makes a soft drink one of the best you must first take a look at the appearance and package of said drink. Pepsi has always tried to go with the flashy look and now tries to play on American patriotism by having a red, white, and blue can. While this may be a nice touch, Coke doesn?t need to rely on playing on the people?s feelings. They have stayed with a classic look of red with white writing. This simple yet elegant stance shows to the world that they don?t need to spice up their appearance to entice customers, because they know it what?s on the inside that counts.
Now if you are a true beverage coinsure, you will of course take notice of the initial reaction of carbonation and air when you pop open your can. I know that some will argue that all pop sounds the same at this action, but you just need to listen closer. Pepsi, with it?s much inferior carbonation, has a quite and short fizz period. This leads one to conclude that Pepsi will go flat much sooner. Coke on the other hand, has a richer and more fuller fizz period. Thus proving a superior product that you can trust in to stay fresh for longer periods of time.
Carbonation, the true measure of all true soft drinks. It is that secret ingredient that makes the drink. This is the part, where Pepsi seems to win in the taste tests they love so much. The secret is in the order of drinks. While the tester may not know which one they are tasting first, they are given a slightly warm Coke first. This is done because of the truly powerful nature of Coca-Cola?s carbonation process. After letting Coca-Cola swish around in your mouth for a few seconds, the strong nature of Coke eats away at your taste buds leaving them numb. This give Pepsi the perfect opportunity to give them a cooler drink, that at first will seem refreshing to the taste tester. It is only through subterfuge that Pepsi can win.
Moving beyond the look and taste of these two giants in the soft drink empire, we must examine the other uses they offer. Going back to the taste testing event you may have wondered about how it could be a good thing that Coca-Cola?s drink can cause your taste buds to go numb. Well, let me explain. All soft drinks have varying levels of carbonation that can be used for different purposes. Take Coca-Cola for example. This drink has one of the strongest levels of carbonation. If you take a mouthful of Coke and let it sit in your mouth, you will begin to notice a distinct feeling on your teeth. This is soft-drink reacting to the enamel on your teeth and corroding it. While this may not seem like a good thing, but it could come in handy if you eat lunch and don?t have time to brush your teeth! Pepsi also has this unique effect, but will require at least several mouthfuls to accomplish this wonderous task. Who wants to expend that much energy in time on a Pepsi?
Coke is also much more useful that Pepsi in surprising household uses. The strength of this amazing drink is such that it can erode even the most stubborn of rust and even clean your toilet. While I must admit that Pepsi can also to this to some extent, it would take two cans of Pepsi to accomplish what just one Coke could. I?ll grant you that this could have a side effect of eroding your stomach lining at an alarming rate, but one shouldn?t concentrate on negative aspects such as that

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