When a new management is appointed to a company to take over and realign the organization, it can be a very difficult process. There are many things that need to be taken into consideration, such as, what was the company like before? How many managers are in each department? What are the various job responsibilities of the company? Finally, do we have the budget and the power to make changes? Finding the answers to these questions will give you the ability to begin the process to realign a company.
Being the new manager on board the first thing that needs to be done is to hold a company meeting with all departments in attendance. This gives the opportunity to not only go through the introductions of the new staff, but to add assurance to the company that even though there will be changes, it will only be to reorganize the company to develop a new mission statement for the company. Once the meet and greet of the organization has been accomplished, then the process of appointing a change agent can begin. The change agent in which is appointed would not be someone that is already in management. This person can be from the Human Resources Department. By doing this, you have made a change; yet keep someone in position who already knows the ?before? of the company. (Robbins & Coulter, (2007) pp. 360 ? 361)
The company in which is being taken over has various managers in many departments. One of the changes that can be done would be to find a department that is not utilizing its full potential. Therefore, we can take these departments and combined them with departments that may need more assistance. While on the other hand, you may have departments in which you would have to eliminate multiple managers to just having one, and put the other manager in another area such as the shipping department. In order for the new management structural changes to take effect everybody must realize the reasons for the change, and start seeing the big picture of the organization.
When it comes to change in any organization you are going to have a few disgruntle employees who will not agree with everything that is trying to be accomplished. This can cause a decrease in employee motivation, among the possibility of a high employee turnaround. If this should occur, another meeting with the employees would have to be held to help them see the big picture of the organization. Asking them to assist in developing a new company mission statement will make the employees feel that they are a part of the change, and they are developing a new company family. Honesty is very important, and letting them know that the moves that are being made is not to hinder the company, but will be a way for everyone to develop and show off their special talents. It is important to keep the employees moral up, prevent employee turnover, and everyone will be ready to merge into a new relationship.
Since this company has been around for a long time, there may be a need to develop the technology of the company; therefore technological changes would need to be established. New technology does not mean that there would be a need to hire an entire new department, but it can mean new tools, equipment, new automation, or operating method. Training for the organization would have to be developed in order to prepare the company for the change. Not only training for the new equipment, but maybe re-establishing customer service skills as well. Each employee would need to be trained on the new technology, and by doing this the managers in the various departments would need to establish a training schedule. During training the employees would need to be reassured that the new technology is not there to take their job away, but to enhance what they currently have been using. Another aspect that can increase the moral of the employees is let them know that they can cross train as well. That would decrease the need to hire new personnel, as well as limit any terminations. (Cisco Systems Inc)
In order to implement the changes that will be taking place, new policies would have to be implemented. While the changes are taking place, the new management staff would have to ensure the employees that all of the managers would have an open door policy if they need to communicate their issues or concerns with the company. All managers moving to a new department will move to that department immediately and have an introductory meeting with the personnel within that department. All new training would need to be completed within thirty days of the new managers taking their position. These new policies are so that managers can take control of there departments and continue with the business of running of the company. The change within the company should not have any major effect in which the employees or customers of the organization would know any difference.
When a company is in need of change, it can be very difficult on the employees. Not everyone wants to jump in the band wagon of changing something they have been use to for a long time. Communication is the key to any change within the organization, and this has to be from the top of the ladder down. Managers would have to communicate with their employees in order to have their support as well. Keeping the moral of an organization up, as well as the turnaround low, is all a start of making the company a success. Making your employees feel like they are a part of the change, and not just having it forced upon them, would enable the managers to make that leap into the future of developing a prosperous company.

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