Dr. Albert Ellis

Dr. Albert Ellis
Dr. Albert Ellis has played a big part in many people lives. He is the founder of Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy and President of the Albert Ellis Institute, which has branches throughout the United States and the rest of the world. Dr. Ellis was born in Pittsburgh, PA but raised in New York City. While growing up Dr. Ellis learn at an early age about taking control of your fear and turning it around. He was the eldest of three children, since his father was a business man, he was hardly ever around, and when he was he showed little attention to his children. His mother suffered from bipolar disorder, which left Dr. Ellis to care for his younger siblings. He was as bashful as adolescence; he would not even approach a woman out of fear of rejection. But he once force his self to talk to 100 women over a period of a month. Although he did not get a date, he said that was a big step for him an getting over his fear.
His imprint on strategies for success is so remarkable; because he showed his clients how to change their way of thinking about themselves and their problems. Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (rebt) is now a widely practiced, comprehensive, and highly effective form of psychotherapy. Dr. Ellis developed (rebt) in 1955, it is based on the concept that when we become upset it not because of the events that taking place in our lives. But it is believes that we hold the causes us to become depressed.
Dr. Ellis invented a format which he called the abc format, to show people how their beliefs cause their emotional and behavioral responses. A) Being something happen, B) you have a belief about the situation; C) you have an emotional reaction to the belief.
Example Being:
A) Your teacher said that you cheated on your exam because you made an A.
B) You believe she is targeting you because she hates you.
C) You feel angry
If you had held a different belief, your emotional response would have been different.
A) Your teacher said that you cheated on your exam because you got an A
B) What must I do to convince her that I did not cheat? I can not have this pressure on me.
C) You feel anxious
The abc model shows that, A does not cause C it is B that causes C. With the first example it is not because the teacher accuse you of cheating on the exam, it is because you feel she have no right to accuse you of cheating she have to hate you. With Dr. Ellis method he shows you how to put the concept all together and look at the bright side of the picture.
Dr. Ellis was ranked as one of the ?Most Influential Psychologists? by both American and Canadian Psychologists and Counselors. He was also named the Humanist of the year in 1971 by the American Humanist Association. He has set on many of the tops board in the country. Dr Ellis has also been credited with helping to provide the basis for cognitive therapy, a form of treatment that has been proven just as helpful as medication. Being such a controversial figure, Ellis was disliked and derided by many of his peers. But his undeniable method have has effect on many lives.
Having flexibility in life is a big part of Dr. Ellis teaching. There will be many bumps in the road and how you will react will decide the outcome of any situation. If you approach in a negative attitude you will get a negative results approach with a positive attitude and you will get a positive results. No one hold the key to your success but you, you determine every outcome of your life. Dr. Ellis life and work have helped many people throughout the world. Dr. Ellis belief shows that you should confront the irrational thoughts that lead to a self-destructive behaviors and follow that up with action. So take control of your behavior, take any curse ball that may come your way, and always look at both sides of things. Dr. Ellis place in strategies for success is locked in, and the key have been thrown away a great man, with a great mind Dr. Albert Ellis.

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