8 Types of Personal Injury Accidents

If you have suffered bodily injury such as a broken bone, cut or bruise due to the negligent acts of another, you may have a personal injury claim. You are entitled to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party for monetary compensation for your losses.

By far the most common types of personal injury claims are due to automobile accidents. Other types of accidents that can result in personal injury include:

Automobile accidents
Trucking accidents
Motorcycle accidents
Bus accidents
Defective vehicles
Wrongful death
Animal bites
Slip and Fall

More than one person may be responsible for your injuries. Depending upon the circumstances of your accident, an employer of the negligent party may be responsible as well if the person was on the clock at the time of the accident. It is a good idea to contact an experienced San Antonio Personal Injury attorneyto make sure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries and pain and suffering.

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