American Public Education

American Public Education
Public schools in America were regarded as the best public schools in the world up to the 1970?s. Today, compared to the development of Asian and European schools, American schools are ranked as some of the lowest schools. Some students are graduating from high school with little or more knowledge about the core classes. For instance, I started school in the US at age twelve, eighth grade, and was placed in college prep classes, even though English was my second language. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel and study in different countries like Afghanistan, India, and Yemen. The excellent schooling system of these countries, although they were considered third world countries in the eighties, had prepared me for a higher level of education. My academic challenges started when I took the assessment test for college, which placed me in lower classes than I had anticipated. I was placed in English 101A, which is equivalent to 9th grade scale in India. This left me uncertain of what I had accomplished in my four years of high school CP classes. Education in the US, compared to that of Asian and European countries, is significantly behind. American poor level of education is placing its youth at a great risk in the academic global market.American schools, in contrast to Asian and European countries, are to a large extent behind, in achieving excellent academic results. The Paris-based International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development concluded a study on US education, stating that ?the effectiveness of the primary and secondary education system can broadly be characterized as mediocre at best.? America is the most powerful and influential country in the world, advanced in every way, compared to the rest of the world, yet the education system is considered ?adequate but not very good.? This study is an indication for the parents, teachers, students, and the government to take under consideration and accept that we have an objectionable education system that needs to be revolutionized. Are we lacking something in our education system? If so, what is it? If our system is failing, we need to find why it is, before we place our youth at a great risk in the global market. America needs to keep American youth at an equivalent academic level as the Asian and European nations.

America argue that one of the main dilemma for American schools is the funding deficiency, for different programs to help the students succeed; the US spends more per student than any other G-7 nation (Asian and European countries). Studies show that the spending per pupil has probably increased about 400% since 1960. It is true that the funding might be a minor cause of our schools failing, not a major cause. Dr. Milton Friedman, a noble laureate, did a study which indicated that the ?quality of schooling is far worse today, than it was in 1955.? This study also illustrates that we do have the highest cost per student, yet lowest quality of education. Another study argues,?there is a inverse relationship between spending and quality? which is evident to the G-7 nations, who have understood and worked within this system, where as Americans blame the funding mostly when education issues are brought up.

The US needs to transform the academic standards and strive for advanced studies in American schools. US Department of Education reported twelfth graders scored below the international average and among the lowest of the G-7 nations in mathematics and general science knowledge, right behind South Africa. In advanced math, US students scored next to last, worldwide. In physics, the US scored at the very bottom of the heap. Another study by Achieve Inc, found that the American math graduation test, measures what students, in other countries, learn in the seventh grade. In my view, this is true because I personally experienced the variance when I started school in the US. The dismal results of American students are evident that the education system needs to change. One third of our economy depends on trade, which is three times more than before; this is a domino effect of American students doing poorly in test results in math and science through out the country for the last couple decade. Our youth needs to be advanced as we face the most internationally and technologically competitive era in history. The US Department of Education should alter our education system, so American students have a fair chance as a competitor in the global market once again.

America?s youth is placed in a perilous state of economic and academic failure. The global market is advancing with other nations? students, excelling in math and science, where American students are at the bottom pile. While foreign countries are more intense in pushing for measurable quality at superior level of learning; American students are middling in the academic world. Students are learning what should have been taught in high school, at college level, as I did. Parents, students, teachers, and the government need to accept the pathetic level of education quality, and not accuse the inadequate funding; consequently restructuring the quality of academic studies in schools through out America before, we keep hurting the academic and global quality of American youth, furthermore.

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