Consequences of Using Performance Enhancing Drugs

Consequences of Using Performance Enhancing Drugs
There are many ways that using performance enhancing drugs in sports that can

affect your life and everyone else?s around you. Have you ever considered what your

fans would think if they ever found out you were using enhancement drugs? What about

your parents, wife, children and team? Have you ever thought about the physical,

emotional or overall mental health risks that using performance enhancing drugs can

cause? In life there are many factors to consider when faced with the option of using

drugs to enhance your athletic capabilities. Is the game the addiction or the drug? Is it

worth it? From my personal experience, no, it is not worth it.
One of the very most important things to consider when using performance

enhancing drugs are the health risks. There are many more downs than ups with the use

of drugs. Consider the effects enhancement drugs have on your mind and body. There

are several physical problems than can come from use of performance enhancing drugs.

As stated in an article; "Use of supplements has been associated with high blood

pressure, heart attack, stroke, seizure, and sudden death" (Richard Buchanon, 2005,

paragraph 13). When using certain drugs in sports such as pain killers, you could do

extensive damage to your muscles and costing your career. How about the physical

damage you could cause to another person? Results of using anabolic steroids could be

just as physically damaging to an opponent; due to increased strength of the user. In

addition to the physical strength, the mental anguish that occurs from chemical imbalance

in the body just adds the damaging possibilities to the opposing players. There are many

other physical factors to take into consideration before choosing illegal enhancement

drugs. There are many enticing factors to athletes of enhancement drugs.

Most athletes use enhancement drugs for the physical enhancement.

For goal oriented athletes, steroids or other enhancement drugs can help give them the

edge they need to succeed. In a sport such as football, the added size of a lineman can

mean a stronger offense or defense. There are some athletes that along with the physical

element that steroids bring comes a boost of self confidence. In a case such as my own, I

found that the noticeable physical difference that steroids gave me made me feel really

good about myself. The fear of losing became a pride of winning.

The availability of enhancement drugs is unlimited. One of the most popular

places to buy enhancement drugs is the local drugs store. There are several over the

counter medicines that contain some of the restricted ingredient found in certain

enhancement drugs. Also located in local drug stores are optional natural supplements

than can be used as a safe alternative to restricted drugs. Most anabolic steroids and pain

killers are found on the streets. The anabolic steroids that I got my hands on came from

my very best friend. Many people that I knew who had there hands on anabolic steroids,

simply came from stealing and forging their family doctor?s prescription pad.

Fans of many sports have different opinions on sportsmanlike conduct. Do fans

really care if their favorite player is using enhancement drugs? For example in baseball,

as stated by a fan, "he and other fans still considered Roger Maris, a North Dakota

native, to be the single-season home run champ with 61", even though he had not ever

used steroids (Dick Patrick, 2005, paragraph 2). From the same fan, by saying that this

player was great implied that he believed achievements made by athletes such as Barry

Bonds and Sammy Sosa were due to the use of steroids (Dick Patrick, 2005).

The results of younger fans hearing of their heroes using enhancement drugs can be

detrimental to their health.

In agreement with President Bush, I believe that players should think about the impact

they have on the lives of children (Kapadia, 2004). Some children may believe that the

only way that they are ever going to accomplish anything in sports, is by using

enhancement drugs.

Money is another issue that some athletes may have some trouble with.

Enhancement drugs can cost a pretty penny for athletes whom choose to buy their drugs

off the street. Enhancement drugs are very addictive, causing some young athletes to

spend every dime to their name on. Some youngsters resort to stealing, even from their

own families just to get their drugs. As horrible as this may seam it is very true, I know

from personal experience. Money is not usually a big issue for athletes in the majors.

These all-star athletes probably spend more money trying to cover up the fact that they

use enhancement drugs than they spend on them.

Is the game the addiction, or the drug? For many athletes winning is the only

option. At least this is what we are taught in the locker rooms and on the field. Losing is

the worst thing you can ever do. This is what was breed into us as we grew up, to be the

best. Win at all cost. The game becomes an addiction. If there were more that you could

do to better yourself, would you do it? Even if it came at such a great cost as your life,

would you still do it? Would you be willing to put your career itself on the line? These

are just a few of the questions that run through the minds of these athletes. To improve

their own game.

Some of these athletes are willing to get that extra edge through the use

of enhancement drugs. Enhancement drugs can have the same effect on a person as other

recreational drugs, such as marijuana or cocaine. The more you use the drug. The more

you need the drug. With marijuana they say it makes everything better, that is a users

excuse. For enhancement drugs, they say it makes them better. The game is just as

addictive as the drug. But you do not need the drug to be a better athlete. There are

healthier alternatives such as creatine and protein. What ever happened to good old milk

and eggs?

My personal experience with performance enhancing drugs started back when I

was 15 years old and a sophomore in high school. The whole idea I had in mind was to

change the overall appearance of my body and give me that competitive edge I thought I

had needed. I started out just a few pills at a time, stacking with the usual over the

counter supplements like creatine and protein. Quickly I found myself consumed by the

hard work and determination. As time went on I started taking more and more. I began

adding the pain killers took take the soreness from overworking my muscles away. I

began drifting from my family and getting into trouble. The time I did spend with my

family, never seamed to go over very smoothly, I mainly just wanted to be by myself.

I felt that being alone would help to prevent any rages. Eventually by the end of my

junior year in high school, I found that using wasn?t such a good idea, when I put my best

friend in the hospital. What a rude awakening.

There are many ways not mentioned that enhancement drugs can effect your life.

You must consider the well being of yourself as well as others.

I had to learn the hard way that the benefits of using enhancement drugs are few and far

between. There may be a healthier and legal alternative.

Fortunately there is a new over the counter drug called Endothil-CR that has not been

banned by any organizations, including amateur, professional, World Anti-Doping

Agency (wada) or the International Olympic Committee (ioc)

(Physical Magazine, November, 2005). This drug has been known to have the same

positive effect as anabolic steroids, without the negative effects. Please make the right

decision, and go legal. There are many organizations that can help you if you think you

may have a problem with performance enhancing, or any other types of drugs.

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