Title IX

Title IX
As part of the Education Amendments of 1972, Title lX states that, ?No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.? This act has been one the most controversial and most scrutinized amendments to be passed in years and it has never been re-evaluated. It has done a lot during its years by increasing womens sports at all levels and even decreasing mens sports at mainly the collegiate level. In this paper I will discuss the ways that it has a positive and negative effects as well as how it should be re-evaluated and how social levels and demographics effect the way the cause works.
It is based upon a 3 prong system of compliance. The first prong is to make sure that the school is providing athletic opportunities that are substantially proportionate to the student enrollment. Prong two states the school must demonstrate a continual expansion of athletic opportunities for the underrepresented gender. The final prong of the test of compliance says the school must have full and effective accommodation of the interest and ability of the underrepresented gender. This test is a great way to make sure that women are getting the same amount of federal financing than the men. This test will also help to make sure the demographics and size of the school are taken into complete consideration. The 3rd prong of the compliance test is very sketchy. The idea of being able to take a solid poll of the interest for certain sports and to be bale to have the full amount of women and men able to take part is hard to judge. I know that the school can look at the demographic area

of where most of the student hail from and use that as a judge. Certain areas of the country are drawn much more to certain sports which require funding. If say you have a division 3 school, with 5500 students, 3000 men and 2500 women. The idea that the school is going to be able to have at least 75% of those students show or give interest towards a certain sport or a certain inter mural game, is very hard to actually accomplish. The idea that also, the underrepresented gender must have the ability to play the game is also very difficult to judge. I guess if a team can not win a game all season but has double the amount of interest than spots available on the team, maybe that would or would not require equal funding. I think this prong test of compliance needs to be re-evaluated.
Another issue that I think needs to be taken into effect is football. There is no sport or club, male or female, that can equal the same amount of funding needed for a football team and even created by a football team. Some smaller division 2 and 3 schools will even have a JV and Freshman football team along with their traveling varsity program. The amount of money that division 1 football programs bring in for the school is amazing. Just the amount of men that it takes to fill up a football roster will keep prong 2 alive. As long as there is a big football program, women will need to have continual expansion of sports, or the teams already in place, which will in turn, have the loss of smaller, not as popular, men?s sports being dropped. There has been over 300 men?s collegiate wrestling programs dropped in the past 12 years due to Title lX and that is a lot of scholarships and educational opportunities taken away. This is all at the collegiate level, but at the high school level it is different and there are a lot more opportunities for different sports to be played and a lot less of a student body to represent.

Since its conception, Title lX has made women?s sports grow 400% all around at the collegiate level. At the high school level, women?s sports have grown a total of 800%, which is a monster increase and shows how much interest there is now for women?s sports such as field hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and softball. These number are indicators that this act has been and will always be working for women?s sports. They also show that the three prong test of compliance has also been working for women?s sports. I guess congress and the women;s rights leaders wanted to get away from the social astigmatism that the men are on the court or field playing the games while the women have the pom-poms in their hands and are cheering from the sidelines or in the stands. These numbers of growth have very much shown the wide array of interest that not only participants but also spectators have taken towards women?s sports. All in all it is a great success and has take huge strides for women and the sports and games played , for women.
Now what have the men taken from this act being placed and how have they been affected? Most men?s sports, except for football, have either been dropped at sometime or demoted. An example being that last year, at James Madison University, the school decided that they wanted to take their inter mural football team and create a division 1A competitive football team. This in turn, because of title lX, the school had to drop the entire track and field program which comprised of about 135 men and women. In order for funding to be equal and the three prong test of compliance to work, the school had to drop 135 student athletes scholarships and tell them that they could no longer do what they loved to do because it was not fair to have a football and a track and field team. Some of those student athletes might have

been only in that school because of their athletic scholarship and now might have to pull out student loans or transfer to a different institution entirely. When it works, the positive side of it is the only thing that is shown, but its what has to be done in order for the act to work and the compliance test to work, that is never brought up and hurts the social levels of the school.
I believe that Title lX has served its purpose, and that purpose being to increase the participation levels and interest levels in women?s sports at all levels. One big women?s sport that is well known worldwide now and is a leader for Title lX is the US Women?s Soccer team who has won previous World Cups Titles and has been a firm demander and supporter of what Title lX has done and will continue to do. Years ago no one even cared about women?s sports and what it takes for a woman to be accepted in the sporting world and not be called a tom-boy. It takes determination and hard work, much more of say the average male athlete. Even though men are taking hits throughout the years for equality, women are taking strides towards equality and are looking towards the future or their sports and their games.

Title IX 9.7 of 10 on the basis of 2970 Review.