Cell Phone: The Problem and the Solutions

Cell Phone: The Problem and the Solutions
Of his new novel, Stephen King said:?Buyer should aware that ?CELL? is a violent piece of work, which comes complete with zombies set in motion by bad a cell phone signals that destroy the human brain.? Have we wondered how cell phones change our life? We can see people hold their cell phones around us, and cell phones are important to them. While there are maybe benefits of having cell phones, they also have some affects on our life. I am writing, arguing, showing or proving that cell phones are unsafe; they have negative health effect, and they also affect on our environment.
history and the popular OF cell phones
According to library.quest.org, the first cell phone was made in 1977 at Chicago and 2000 people tried their first cell phone. Furthermore, Mr. Cooper was the founder of a cell phone in early 1970s (Father 30-31). Due to Mr. Cooper?s invention, we have something to use to communicate with others. Next, the mobile cell phones become popular. In contrast, the new phones have more technologies and become complicate to the older cell phones. Instead people use their home phone; they like to prefer their mobile phone. To clarify, Link and his team works did some comparisons of phones use in households for the recent years ago. ?For the second half of 2006, the percentage of cell phone in households was 12.8? (Link 814-839). According to Link?s team works, people use their cell phone more than their home phone. In other words, cell phones seem like the replacement of a traditional home phone (Link 814-839). Together with the new technologies of a wireless cell phone, the popular of a cell phone become more popular and national. For example, not only American teenagers use their cell phone but other nation teenagers use theirs as well. ?The statistics shows that 79% of the US population and 90% of European and Asia teens own a cell phone? (O?Keefe 671-672).
the effects OR the disadvantages OF cell phones
First, cell phones are unsafe because some researchers stated cell phone affects human brain. People still love the advantages of a cell phone such as an easy communicator. They can go to Internet with their cell phone whenever they want. Bessie gave some experiment with student in his class about the? advantages? of cell phones. For instance, his students learn better such using Internet in their phone to search some ?unfamiliar words?. Some of his students also use it to their daily basic schedules. Others watched movies or book (Bessie 4). Although he gave the advantages of a cell phone for his student to people, but he still looked at another side of an argument. He worried about how his students were going to work hard to have a luxury cell phone. ?They are buying phones best suited for high-powered corporate raiders. Clearly, these phones must be beyond their ability to pay them. Someone else is footing to bill, or students are willing to spend an arm or a leg for a luxury? (Bessie 4). Young people tend to use their cell phones and hard to leave it. It would be hard for them when they forgot their phone. In additional, teenagers use the phone for texting. Texting in the cell phones replace the face to face communication; it changes how young people use the ?incorrect way? in the language such as their punctuation are wrong (Thompson et al). Teenagers bring the new revolution to the standard language, which would change almost everything they write in few years later. ?Frequent cell phone users who unhealthily use these gadgets are more likely to have cell phone elbow, an increase risk of malignat glimas, and a higher rate of acoustic neuromas? (How). Some scientists said cell phone might affect our health in 20 years to develop (Glazed). ?The Benenson Strategy Group? reveals that more than 35% of teens use their cell phone to cheat (35).
Second, cell phones gave us the negative health effects. Researchers A. Agarwal and colleagues conducted this study to determine the effects of cell phone usage on semen quality.? Use of cell phones decreasing the sperm count, motility, and normal morphology? (Agawal 6). Cell phones ?emit radio electromagnetic wave (emw)?; it affects ?brain activities? and may ?disturb sleep?. It causes ?headache, difficulty in concentration, increases resting blood pressure, and reduces melatonin production? (Agawal 6). If a person can?t forces on something, he might cause accident or something he doesn?t want to do. In fact, the Weekly Reader gives the statistics of ?5,699 teenagers 16-20 died in car accident crash? because they used their cell phone while driving (Current 7). According to Mr. Cortina in my reading class, we can found easy the accident crash accident involved with cell phones from police department. Some teenagers admitted that they were behind the wheel with someone was texting (The St.Petersburg 6). Although we don?t see the fact happen to us by using our cell phone, we still don?t know the fact cell phone affects to our health. For example, cell phones affect to teenagers such as the mental and the physical problem. ? Ownership rate have been estimate at 83% of Australian teenagers, more than 85% of Finnish teenagers, 73% of Hungarian teenagers, and over 90% of British teenagers? use their cell phone every single day (Reid et al 501-507). Reid and others gave the list of the teenagers? affection from their cell phone such as they are lack of their exercises. For instance, young people don?t have to meet in face-to-face person anymore because they have their cell phone to commutate. Cell phones can bring them ?stress, locations for clubbing or alcohol? (Reid et al 501-507). If they don?t exercises a lot, they would become over weight.
Finally, cell phones are harm to our environment. Have you wondered why it harmed? According to wirefire.org, cell phone companies use many ?toxic elements? which are not good for the environment. According to the same website, the cell phone manufacturers use some ?toxic? elements such as ?cadmium, lead, mercury?? They are toxic element for the environment. Each ton of cell phone contains ?more than 12 ounces of gold, nearly 8 pounds of silver, and 286 pounds of copper. Circuit boards contain more gold by volume than does gold ore. Smelters in Europe and Canada can melt components at super-high temperatures to extract lead, copper, and other elements. These facilities are held to strict environmental and health standards? (Shell). Rupplell Shell also tells ?Canada, United State, and Australia? have ?ratified the ban on the export of hazardous waste? (Shell). Nigeria is ?undergoing a rapid and massive cell phones and computers?. Those wastes from cell phones and computers become a big problem in Nigeria when the toxic elements become hazardous to the environment (Umesi al et 565-573).
In conclusion, cell phone seem benefits to all people but they still have some negative health affects to their health. I can conclude cell phones are affecting our health according to these scientists and their researches. Cell phones are unsafe and they gave us negative health effects. In addition, cell phones are dangerous to our environment. So can we live without a cell phone? California has a law to ban cell phone while driving because many teenagers died. The information according to drivinglaws.org Sarasota suggested ?Road Worriers? should make a left lane for people who need to answer or texting their phone (Sarasota). ?Another possibility is to equip cars with a roof-mounted strobe light that starts flashing the instant the driver make a call. This would give other drivers a chance to pull off to the side of the road or otherwise cower in fear? (Sarasota).

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