The cia has committed many autocracies in the name of national security. Some of these include assassination attempts, assisting militia groups in overthrowing governments and other acts that are not all legal or morally accepted. These actions have some justification, which unlike many of their files remains classified, to keep a democratic rule over the world and gain as much as possible to maintain our power.
The cia has its roots with coi the then became oss which was based on Britain?s soe . This shift created a more paramilitary organization that was less intelligence and more operations. Sabotage for example became used more amply in getting things done, this continued into more serious actions of espionage and covert ops.
These operations such as the ?Bay of Pigs Invasion? which although a failure had good justification. This attempt to rally the Cuban peoples into a revolt was a good idea, the cost of lives thanks to miscalculations by Nitze on Kennedy?s military response if necessary, and that Castro was a pushover. The tremendous loss of life of this operation was not successful but behind a good cause this action by the cia did begin to discourage them in covert ops and move them into reclusion with these publicized missions.
The cia had practices of assassination, which has stopped but was a means of getting things done. The cia coup files include methods of a proper assassination. A passage of this manual goes as follows ?[Assassin #1] Enters room quickly but quietly. [Assassin #2] Stands in doorway. [Assassin #2] Opens fire on first subject to react ? [Assassin #1] Covers group to prevent individual dangerous reactions. If necessary, fires individual bursts of 3 rounds.? . This is not used as cia policy anymore but it was. An action of this extreme may have been necessary and was used.
One example of assassination attempts is the numerous plans to assassinate Fidel Castro. Along with Castro were the attempts to take out Jacobo Arbenz Guzman , but his abrupt resignation took care of the ensuing problem to cause the US government to take such actions. Though the actions of Coup did help move the process of having him resign.
Invasion, this action is the reason the nsc was created to keep our democratic autonomy. The cia though uses invasion type actions to gain political control of a nation removing its own autonomy to put ours in. Pumping political groups to help them gain office, intruding in smaller nations from following their own timeline and indirectly placing one that is more beneficial in the long run for everyone. Then cia spends over 26 million dollars a year to keep democratic autonomy in the US. This may seem excessive but necessary for the sake of freedom form foreign powers.
Many questions arise from actions taken by the cia and other groups like them; one of being is covert action necessary. I believe that it is necessary; it gives governments other options when a crisis arises of foreign affairs. Instead of declaring war or doing nothing they can take the alternative and go covert. This relives from more problems but also it gets the desired effect accomplished without a major tribute pay. With the world having so many up a coming dictators like Castro, Pinochet and others actions must be taken to maintain a democratic autonomous majority society.
Things have changed in the way of the people who are sent to commit the actions of the cia. One example of the free enterprise arising in the wrong place would be the operation in Nicaragua following the mining operation. Two ex-air force service men were paid to take action instead of the cia that was supposed to. This was used to help contras, which is dangerous. It shows the risk the cia has to take entrusting a secret plan to people outside the checks and balances of the government.
The cia involve itself in foreign affairs often, the question remains does the US have the right to interfere with other countries; the answer is yes it does. The cia and the US government has the right to maintain its policies of democracy and free enterprise dominant so the type of freedoms we now have can remain and not have to worry about oppression because of government or economy.
Another question arises because of this, all the secrecy that?s keep in a government agency inside a free democracy. The secrecy that?s put behind operation concerning covert operations are obvious if people new then everyone would soon find out thanks to this free democracy and the rights it guarantees. The doings of the cia and fbi along with other government agencies must be keep the way it is for the safety and increased chance of success for their operations.
Through all the actions of the cia one major controversies appears the morality of covet and excessive action to get things done. The morality must be and accepted loss to some extent in a duty like the cia has to maintain a dominant republic for the people. These actions witch they take are a necessity for the survival of a free nation without the loose of one thing another may not be gained. Their actions are not marally correct to most moral standard but to the ones that are set for this line of work and the risks set to, the moral value is outweigh by the necessity.

The CIA 9.1 of 10 on the basis of 3352 Review.