Innovation Case Study: Cool I.C.Can

Innovation Case Study: Cool I.C.Can
The cool i.c.can is a innovative design, created by Tempra technology, a company focused on designing and creating ?instant, portable, safe, long-lasting thermal technology anytime, anywhere.?
Let?s face it; Cool drinks and hot food, are a necessity for any day. An example is you can?t have a cold chips or warm beer; it?s just not applicable to how our world works. Two products that are helping to ensure that where ever we are sporting events, fishing, camping, on the way to work, at the beach we are able to access hot food and cold drinks. These two products are called i.c.can and Heatables, designed by Tempra technologies to provide cold drinks and hot food to wherever you happen to be.
The i.c.can is a portable can which is able to cool itself 16.7 degrees in 3minutes allowing the consumer to have access to cool and refreshing beverages anytime anywhere. Heatables are heating pouches that are able to heat beverages and meals anywhere anytime, enabling the buyer an easy, accessible and affordable way of heating up beverages and food where ever you happen to be.
Impact on society (ethics and environment)
The i.c.can:
The i.c.can, is a new innovation on the market, the can has the ability to cool itself by 16.7 degrees, within three minutes of opening.
The can being made out of completely recyclable materials, such as (Aluminium, cooling gel, heat sinks, and natural desiccant) this means that once the drink has been consumed the can is able to be completely recycled due the materials used and because of its use of water evaporation to cool the drink. This is done by using a natural desiccant (a substance that removes moisture) which is contained within a vacuum draws the heat from the liquid through an evaporator into an insulated heat-sink. This process of cooling means that there is no use of harmful and dangerous gases like carbon dioxide, cfc and hfc. Meaning that the cooling technique is rendered completely non-toxic, the exclusion of gases in the design helps our safety, but also our environment. The reasons why it helps our environment is because cfc, hfc and carbon dioxide are all gases which affect our atmosphere and deteriorate our planet, so the exclusion of these gases means less cfc, hfc and carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere. This further helps in the restoration of the large hole that is already present in the ozone layer , think that if the i.c.can used these gases and went into mass production, the amount of environmental damage that would occur would be disastrous. The i.c.can like all products can?t be helpful to the environment, yet rather by excluding the use of CFC?s, HFC?s and carbon dioxide and by implementing 100% recyclable materials the i.c.can impact on the environment is greatly minimised.
The ethics circulating around this product are such things as, why only bringing out the i.c.can for beer? What does this product promote? How available will it be? These questions get us thinking about our morals and ethics and whether or not they are a positive or negative influence on our society.
Why just beer? The company Tempra technologies have signed a document which states that crown holdings has rights to market and sell the product, with Miller beer being the first beer to be used in the i.c.can. This means that the only people who would be able to use this innovative product would be people who are legally able to drink and who drink. Not only does this exclude people from being able to use and purchase this revolutionary i.c.can, it also promotes the drinking of alcohol, this done through providing a way in which alcohol can be consumed cold, anywhere at any time. This product should not only have the positive effect of giving people the opportunity to enjoy a cold beer anywhere responsibly, yet the negatives from my view far out way the positives.
Negative effects:
? Makes alcohol more readily available; this creates opportunity for adults and teenagers to drink anywhere.
? Being in a can it is allowed everywhere apart from no alcohol zones; this means that public areas that were once innocent areas where families were able to enjoy a day out without the influence of alcohol lording over them. This has negative effects on the families especially the children, as the consumption of alcohol around children on the regular basis, teaches children that it is ok to drink and this can lead to children growing up without the proper understanding of alcohol consumption, which has the potential to cause harm to themselves and the people around them.
? Makes alcohol a much more widespread beverage: the i.c.can makes alcohol more available due the availability and small number of restrictions placed on cans, such as you can take cans to the cricket, sporting events, parks, beach etc. And the i.c.can provides cold alcohol with limited restrictions to where it can be consumed.
Another effect which has the potential to be positive and negative is the availability of the i.c.can, if the i.c.can caters for alcohol, soft drink and water, the availability of the i.c.can would be a huge plus to the market. This is because cold water and soft drink, being available anywhere means cheaper days out, easier enjoyment due to less hassle in cooling the drink and easy access to cold water/soft drink. This is the positive side to the i.c.can. The potentially negative side, I have already touched on slightly and that is if cold beer is available everywhere, from Woolworths to the local corner shop then people have the potential to get drunk and out of control easily. This being the case many men, women and children would become the subject of all sorts of abuse, from verbal to sexual.
The availability of the alcoholic i.c.can has the potential to have positive and negative effects on society. This is due to an individual?s morals and ethics, as well as their experiences with alcohol in the past. An example is someone who struggles with alcohol consumption; with the i.c.can being widely available this would put more pressure on that person. Positively, it will provide people with the ability to enjoy a cold beer, with friends and family anywhere.
I am personally of the opinion that the i.c.can containing only alcohol, is the wrong decision, the reason I believe this is that; across Australia and the world Men, Women and now Youths are drinking alcohol at dangerously high rates.
Statistics tell us that:
? 19% of young men aged 18-24 and among young women, 16% drink at dangerous/high risk levels of alcohol
? 5.3% of male deaths come from alcohol and drug abuse
? 7.2% of female deaths come from alcohol and drug abuse
? 3,000 hospital acceptations among young people aged 15-24 due to alcohol consumption

The statistics above show us that especially amongst youth and young adults, drinking alcohol in excessive amounts is becoming all too common. Even with the tough laws on the selling of alcohol, Young adults are still able to access alcohol too easily. My argument is that if the i.c.can contains only alcohol and becomes readily available it will be even easier for young adults to indulge in high levels of alcohol consumption.
This in turn will affect society in many ways; more teens will have access to alcohol, meaning more reckless behaviour, effects the development of the young adult?s brains, and stretches the health system even more as more people end up in hospital due to intoxication and many other reasons.
Future uses and problems:
The i.c.can is just one product, which can come and go, but the technology that has been found, has great potential to be used in so many other products on the market today. One such example of this would be our esky, imagine an esky which ran off itself, without the need for ice. This would make the esky more functional, meaning that an esky could function for days keeping cold through the use of a vacuum and desiccant. This would save money on ice and the hassle of finding somewhere that sells ice. The technology that is involved in this product has the potential if used appropriately to change the world as we know it. The technology could potentially create a world which does not need refrigerators, where everything is package and when opened is cooled to the required temperature. This would mean more room in housing, due to the removal of the fridge from the kitchen, electronic businesses would suffer due to the loss of a product, and we would not have the problem of needing to spend copious amounts of money trying to recycle fridges in a way that is good for the environment.

To conclude, the i.c.can is a valuable innovation, and has great, great potential to have great impacts on society as we know it. Using it for just beer I believe would be a mistake that the company could regret, but with the correct marketing strategies and beverages the i.c.can will have a positive effect on society. Not only will the i.c.can revolutionise the way we consume our beverages, but also opens the door to countless other opportunities where this technology can be applied.

Innovation Case Study: Cool I.C.Can 8.3 of 10 on the basis of 1004 Review.