The Effectiveness of Homeland Security in America

The Effectiveness of Homeland Security in America
To determine the effectiveness of our homeland security effort we have to look at a variety of issues. Do we have current threats? Why do we have threats? Until we start being more cautious of who we are letting into this country we will continue to have people attack from within. There is no way for every person in the world to get along and have the same beliefs, views, and values.
Our American ways will always be under attack by extremists who feel that our way of life threatens theirs. The best defense for our country is to strictly regulate people that are in our country or that are coming over on visas. Our homeland security efforts would be better supported if we were to regulate it more. The problem is when we let people come into our country we don?t know their true intentions. In not knowing their true intentions we let them into this country and give them the benefit of doubt. This is a good thing for most people but this is where the extremists also come over and pretend they are like everyone else until they attack. This is the area in which homeland security needs to improve.How affective is our fight against terrorism? This is a debatable question. Personally, we are doing okay, and okay is not acceptable. Our country is spending a lot of money on the fight against terrorism, and if we are spending a lot of money on it we should be doing excellent not just okay. According to or threat level is yellow, which means a significant threat of terrorist attacks and for domestic and international flights is orange, which is a high risk of terrorist attacks. I think that the money we have spent and the creation of a new department (Homeland Security) the threat level would be lower. I do understand that people will always what to attack us and our way of life, but if we have a department with a lot that is using a lot of our money, we should not be at a high risk level.
According to the objectives of homeland security are: counterterrorism, border security, enforcement of immigration laws, disaster preparedness, response and recovery, and department unification. The Department of Homeland Security because of the Homeland Security Act of 2002 is able to federally fund a research department dedicated to analyzing the threats on our country. They conduct research to determine the best and most effective approach. The way they do this is by using threat, risk, operations, and system analysis (a few of what they analyze). They have professional analysts, who do the research.
Homeland security?s affect on the criminal justice system is a major one. One reason is because the criminal justice system needs to reinforce what homeland security does. Without reinforcement by the criminal justice system the defense and offense of our fight against terrorism will be like a battle ground between our own departments. It also affects our courts and jails/prisons with terrorist suspects adding to the criminals that are already in the system. There have been new laws both federal and state that affect prosecutors, police departments, and other areas of the criminal justice system.
An effect that terrorism has on the criminal justice system is that terrorists are often involved in other crimes such as: money laundering, organized crime, and white collar crime . They may use these criminal offenses to fund their terrorist cause. When state and local law enforcement agencies discover these organizations they need to be able to act appropriately to prevent any possible attacks.
We have a major issue to face with our beliefs in thinking everyone should be able to start a life in the United States and keeping terrorists out. Another major issue is with the way we believe everyone should be given a fair shake. We need to realize that life is not fair and never will be. We as a country need to stop being so concerned with being suspicious of people from other countries, in fear that we will be called racists. If we were not so concerned with being called racists we may have been able to prevent the Fort Hood shooting in Texas.
My understanding of what terrorism is and what the causes of terrorism are have increased since taking this class, because of this class I am more informed, and have a better understanding of it.

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