?reudian psychology

?reudian psychology
I looked at the Freud category mostly because he is a big name and his theories were pretty easy to understand. Applying it to my paper, I used his ideas and descriptions of the id, ego and superego in an attempt to correctly justify the main character?s actions and reasons for doing what he did. Freud and Dreams.
This was one of the nicer pages I visited to find info about dreams and the significance of them. I really liked the way the site explained Freud?s theories behind what dreams are and what they represent. I used a lot of this in the dreams I tried to recreate in the story attempting to make them seem as realistic as possible.

This was another great place for information on Freud?s theories. I learned a lot about the conscious, preconscious, and unconscious minds. From here, I tried to figure out ways of masking which mind was in control during the story with the shifting dreamscapes and rapid changes in consciousness.

In an attempt to get another opinion on what dreams are and how they function, I looked to this page. I found some very useful information about what causes dreams and what manifestations result in the conscious mind from them. I used this to try and tie his dreams to his everyday happenings. Also, I tried to relate this info to how his dreams were related to what was happening to him while conscious.

This site focused more on the formative years of a person?s life and the individual that results. I found some really useful things to use in my paper. For instance, I pulled a lot for the background of the character from this in an attempt to make it seem more realistic in the way it has affected him to this point.

?reudian psychology 8.9 of 10 on the basis of 2028 Review.