Creative Story: Day The World Turned Black

Creative Story: Day The World Turned Black
Everyday the sun would rise and the moon would set and everybody would wake
up to a new morning. Today was a special day in October, for the sun did not
rise and the moon did not set and everyone woke to a full moon. During the
night the sun had mysteriously vanished and this inscrutable incident enervated
the most brilliant of minds . This caused aberrant behavior throughout the
globe. Nevertheless there were a few vivacious individuals brave enough to find
out what happened.
They start their adventure by taking off in a space shuttle destined for
outer space. As they reach orbit they witness the most amazing thing that any
of them have ever seen. They watched the sun being sucked into nothing and
something pushing it in. They change their course and follow the sun. As they
get there, they realize that they are also being pulled in along with the sun
and that their decision is at this point irrevocable. The funny thing was that
the sun emanated no heat and that the moon started to glow much brighter than
normal. It turns out that the moon was now supplying the earth with the heat
that was needed to keep most happy. The sun, and both ships are now closed up
in the thing and are increasing their velocity as they head for some minuscule
object way in the distance.
The team of explorers decide to catch the other ship but it is on the
opposite side of the sun. It takes them a few days but they finally reach the
other ship. The only thing that they cannot figure out is how to make contact
with the other ship. They have exhausted every possibility and the only thing
they have done is wasted time. They are floating in nothing, the scenery looks
black and the only thing that they can see are the sun, the other ship, and the
thing that they are flying towards. The ship surroundings are so amazing that
they would whet your imagination beyond belief. Nevertheless, they are anxious
to reach it in order to find out what it is. After doing nothing for two days
they finally receive some contact with the other ship via Morse code. Using
this to talk, they establish audio communication. Talking for a few hours they
realize that both sides have no idea where they are headed. The only
instructions that the other ship had received, were to push the sun into the
hole and wait till they reach the end of the tunnel. They know that it will
take them three weeks to reach their destination. Both ships have joined and
all of the crew members have become friends. They party every night and have a
ball, for they have nothing else to do but enjoy themselves. The ships are full
of interesting anecdotes and emaciated people, for partying nonstop takes a lot
out of someone.
They finally reach the object and find that it is an island and that they
have to deliver the sun to the center of the island. There is a controversy
between the two ships and both sides debate whether to continue onward or to
turn around and try to find a way back. The crew sent from earth convinced
everyone to continue so that they could find out what was going on. They tie
the sun up to a machine very tight and they begin the long haul. Levity has
spread throughout all of the people and everyone begins to make jokes about
their mishap. Days roll by and they haven't made as much progress as they
expected. Their supplies are running low so they have a shortage of food and
water. During the next few days the morale has picked up because they now have
their destination in sight. Everyone begins to hum euphonious melodies and the
people who had contempt for the rest now realize how pathetic they were and
changed their attitudes. Time seemed to fly by very quickly now and before they
realize it they are within a few miles of the huge complex that they have been
hoping to reach for weeks now. The once amiable crew has now become an
irascible one.
They set down the sun and wait anxiously to see what happens next. A human
comes from within the complex and thanks everyone for making the journey. He
sees a few people that are unexpected, these were the members of the crew sent
out to uncover the mystery. The man invites everyone inside. He starts by
giving everyone a hardy meal, shower and rest from their long journey. When
everyone wakes up they realize that their host has disappeared and they are
trapped inside of the house. The crew from earth begins to search the building,
but after hours of searching come up with nothing but a set of Christmas lights.
They have all that they need to survive forever so all day everyday for two
weeks they ponder their ideas. Many suggested that the sun was part of a plan
to destroy the universe. Another suggested that people from other parts of the
universe were trying to take over. The crew realized that their host was really
a human and that the sun had something to do with the earth and its people
directly. The other ideas were based on erroneous assumptions but the third was
based on facts and clear thinking so must be right, therefore they concentrated
on this.
The host returned after three weeks and when he arrived he was bombarded by
questions and more questions from all of the crew. He told everyone to calm
down and he began to explain what the whole thing was about. They asked about
the lights that they had found and he ignored this and continued on with his
explanation. He told them that the sun was needed as a power source for
something on the earth. This only confused everyone even more that they already
were. Someone yelled out that they would be used for the lighting of the
Christmas lights. This idea made sense so everyone accepted this without
confirming it with the host. The host then got everyone's attention and told
them that they were wrong. But before he could tell them the real truth he had
to inform them that they would never be returning and that they would work for
his for many many more years. That was when they were told that the sun was
needed for Santa's sleigh because his reindeer were getting old. Yes, even the
young and rambunctious Ruldolph.

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