How to be an anonymous cult leader.

Here's an interesting question.

How does a hyper paranoid maniac like JK Ellis create a cult like following and still manage to protect himself from over-exposure?

Think about it!

I think I've developed a strategy that could be effective. Of course, a strategy is dynamic, not rigid so it will change to the situation.

1) Use this blog.
With a fringe subject like "How Win Friends and Influence People By Controling Their Minds" it's only going to appeal to a select few. These are the unique individuals I want who can see past the surface of things with a deep sense of curiosity.

2) Give them good information.
Goodness knows I try. Free PDF download, etc. I'd give more if I could.

3) Make them jump through hoops.
That's just to make sure only the most curious and qualified can be part of the elite.

4) Reward the loyal, ignore the disgruntled.
Paying attention to those who call me paranoid and crazy is a waste of time. I already know that information. Instead I'll find a way to bring those close to me closer and give them even more.

5) Create a hierarchy that rewards the most loyal.
This is going to take some more thought, but the simplest way is to give bonuses, information, acknowledgement and praise to those people who are nice to me, buy my products and say kind things to me.

Of course these are just my early thoughts on the subject. There is probably more.

Got any ideas I can add to the list?

JK Ellis

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