How we conceive man

As conceive man
The human being is a bio - psycho - social, acting each of these areas as interdependent. The body always tends towards a balance and try as best you can reacomodarse after difficulties or both environmental and internal imbalances. There can be a separation between organic and environmental phenomena as serious reductionist thinking in this way. The paradigm from which we positioned implies mutual and reciprocal influences between the environment and the human body, as well as taking into account the cultural atravesamientos building the reality in which human beings, groups and organizations are being developed.

From the psychology of the Rio de la Plata trying desanudar or deconstruct the conditions of production of subjectivity to construct a reality given to a human being. This subjectivity (ways of being, thinking, feeling and acting) is not given but constructed or natural. So the task is to deconstruct rebuild a healthy reality, a reality with the active position, or to life.

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