A Way To Professionalizing The Academe

In order to stadardize the system of producing teachers in every state in the country the Educational Teaching Service (ETS) which headed the conduct of a specialized examination wherein the applicant must be able to accomplish it with a passing grade of (660) based on the National School Psychology Examination. The grade that you garnered at the end of the exam is valid for nine years preceding the date when you took the examination, beyond those years your exam grade would expire therefore requiring you to take the exam again. The series of Praxis formulated by the Educational testing Service contains the Psychologist test which has a code of 10400.

Knowing what ETS really is

It is a non profit organization that pursues to give quality and to provide a fair play education for every person in the globe. They are aiming to assist the students to comprehend, the teachers to be effective propagators of information and the parents to ascertain the academic and intellectual advancement of their child. This is done by ETS by listening to the commentaries of the academe, the parents, and the critics. As they continue to foster this they were able to discover the needs of their students and the learning institutions. ETS was able to enact on their goal by formulating state-of-the-art and innovative services and products.

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