Audio Book College Tape Textbook - An Innovative Learning Tool

Over the last century since the development of the printing press textbooks have become a standard form of media for the delivery of education to students. The paper textbook is a wonderful resource, however, it is not suitable for every student. Many students suffer from learning disorders, which render them incapable of reading traditional textbooks.

These medical Conditions include (but are not limited to):

* Asperger Syndrome
* Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
* Autism
* Autistic Disorders
* Dyslexia
* Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
* Reading Disorders
* Rett Syndrome

By suffering one of these conditions it can affect the students ability to read and this in turn leads to them experiencing learning difficulties. In addition, children who are vision impaired cannot use traditional printed textbooks to assist them in the learning process.

In recognizing the special needs of these students text book publishers have begun to produce the audio book college tape textbook and this has certainly assisted the affected student in the learning process.

A Special Textbook That Meets Special Needs

The audio book college tape textbook has become a particularly popular and effective alternative for students with special needs. This group tends to include those students who possess a disability for reading print, due to blindness or visual impairment, a physical disability, or a learning or reading disability. Specifically, students who demonstrate specific reading problems should be encouraged to actively embrace the concept of an this type of textbook.

The college textbooks on tape are voice recorded versions of the standard class textbooks. As the majority of these books are recorded on 4-track cassette tapes you will usually require a special 4-track tape player to listen to the textbooks. With advancements in technology many of these textbooks are now being produced on CDs in digital format and are replacing the analogue formats on cassette tapes.

Talking Textbooks - Effective Learning Tools

These learning tools are only effective and beneficial when they are used properly. To have optimum success it is essential that the teacher and student understand the underlying problem and work closely together to ensure that the required audio book college tape textbook is available when required. The student and their carers should be well briefed on how to operate the the tape textbook to allow the child to participate with other class members using the traditional print textbooks.

Even though audio book college tape textbooks are designed to assist all children suffering from reading or learning difficulties, it is important to remember every student is an individual and what works for one student may not be suitable for others. In recognizing the individuality of each student the audio book college tape textbook may, in some circumstances, require minor or even some significant modifications to enable the affected student to benefit from the initiative.

Many students affected by reading and learning difficulties will, because they are very conscious of their problem, reject the audio book college tape textbook concept. It is vitally important that their carers, teachers and fellow students encourage the student to actively embrace the concept and by doing so this will help them attain an education on par with that of students without reading or learning difficulties.

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