Brainstorm Your Mind And Wealth

The most common mistake of linear thinking is to mix up Because and After.
Usually people can't divide that After is not Because at all.
And not making this difference put them into the trap of circle thinking.

Again and again people usually make the same mistakes in their life. And can't jump away from this circle.

As you know there are two cerebral hemispheres in our brain. Left one is logical and right one gives us imagination. Most off people have dominating only one of them. But for real creative decisions you need coordinated work of both hemispheres.

Such condition of brain is named usually intuition or even ingenious.

After the scientific proved researches we can ensure you that everyone can coordinate the work of cerebral hemispheres by unusual work with special paradoxical texts. We have prepared for you Free Brainstorm Generator with such texts aimed at home based business and marketing.

Though it's impossible to meet two equal people with two equal brain - the BrainStorm Generator should be prepared and tuned individually for everyone.
Free version is NOT as paradoxical as it should be. But surely it can also help you.

If you feel while training that you need Generator aimed at another area you can purchase your individual copy of it. If you need some additional functions - feel free to send your request via email form from our blog.

Try training for a three or more days (30-60 min per lesson daily) and notice the changes in your mind, in your dreams, in your whole life.
But to be Genius it's not only use of the intuition. Genius means an everyday work too. BUT... motivation?!

The best motivation for a daily work is... MONEY !
So you can Start your own home based business with our program!

How to use BrainStorm Generator (BRG)?
It's very simple.
First of all you should generate text with your own level of difficulty.
Choose your level and click Generate.
You will see some text appeared.
Then copy and paste it into your new Notepad file.
And try to make a normal text from generated.

Of course it will be only a very simple example from the first level of difficulty from the Free version. But if you will training your brain with this exercise during a few days you'll discover that you start to solve different problems easily.

Try our BrainStorm Generator right now and Enjoy new level of your life!

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