Create Humorous Images Through Association

Using association for memorization is a proven and effective way of retrieving information. Anything new to the mind is easily remembered if paired with another familiar object or any piece of information. This is the only secret and formula why memorization through association method works very well.

Association may seem difficult to use at first. A person using this method for the first time can possibly find himself trapped using the usual information such as the big tree, the old house down the street or the old lady passing by every morning for association purposes. But it doesn’t have to be like this all the time. To make the art of memorization become more easy and natural, one can even associate anything important for retention to music, food, clothes and just about anything. It’s even more fascinating if association is used together with fun objects and distinct appearances.

The reason why association works well with sillier or funny images or even the ones that are truly strangely unique enough to be remembered is because it stays in the mind easily above all the other usual bits and pieces of information.

Remembering names in this fashion work just as great. It’s always best to start with the people with familiar faces but at the same time, those of whom you could never retain the names. Starting with the most difficult ones always make memorization easier since the brain adapts to a rigid training of memorization.

So, for memorization of the people whose names are entirely unknown or foreign to you but whose faces you get to meet at the pantry almost everyday, try asking for their names once and associate it with anything familiar and humorous to you. For example, the name Mathew is just too usual with almost every guy you meet but this time, the name Mathew has got to be for this particular person only. You don’t want to make the same mistake for such a simple name so every time this person walks up to you, make him the disciple Mathew in modern day, walking around the office premises in robe and bearded.

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