Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaurs, of all known animals, are quite popular mystifying creatures and are well identified by children of all ages. Dinosaurs were real and live animals that lived in most regions of the world and were completely wiped out 65 million years ago. The cause of their extinction is still debated but most of the researchers agree that when alive, the dinosaur dominated the wilds. We are aware of their existence by their remains, usually documented in bones, either found as complete skeletons or separately. We have also found their footprints in rock, as well as some eggs rooted in them. Most of the bigger dinosaur specimens have now been collected and displayed in larger museums.

Most of the researchers around the world agree that dinosaurs are one of the larger species that lived in the Age of Reptiles, which was about more than 200 million years ago. It is estimated that the dinosaur age lasted for some 165 million years. During this time period, many types of dinosaurs roamed the wilds. Researchers have successfully come to know the variety of species of dinosaurs that existed during this time. This is done by the study of fossils of dinosaur bones being found out at different places of the world. However, many dinosaurs will never be discovered. This is due to the reason that only very few dinosaur bones are in reality fossilized through the delicate and temperamental process. In such a case, the tiniest dinosaurs and the largest will most likely be a mystery for the rest of time. Till this time, many dinosaur bones have been discovered only a few complete skeletons have ever been found. When scientists try to assemble a skeleton from bones, most of the process involves a large amount of assessment between size and morphology of other bones.

The fossilized dinosaur bones that have been unearthed from different parts of the world have helped us to know more about the mystifying creatures. The fossils of dinosaur bones serve as evidences that most dinosaurs had large bodies. Even the tiniest dinosaurs were bigger than anything else in their ecosystem and the largest dinosaur bones ever found indicate animals on a scale never seen in modern times. Dinosaurs bigger than the 38 ft tall Brachiosaurus found in Tanzania sometime between 1907-1912 have only been indicated by isolated bones.

Dinosaur bones can expose important information about the behavior of the dinosaur in its living environment. Time and again, computer simulations are employed to comprehend how a dinosaur with certain bones might have moved. These simulations compare the bones of the dinosaur with bones from more modern animals and then reconstruct the kinetics of movement based on the shapes of the bones. Because dinosaurs are thought to be more closely related to animals like birds and crocodiles rather than mammals, behaviors from these animals can be used to estimate dinosaur behavior. The analysis of bones used for movement, or Biomechanics, gives scientists information as to how quickly dinosaurs moved, if some dinosaurs could swim, and reveals whether ideas like sonic booms created by the diplodocid tail are fact or fiction.

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