Don’t Let The Hallowed Halls Leave You With A Hollow Feeling

Choosing a college is one of the most important decisions that will be made by a teenager intent upon following up the secondary education years with higher education. There are many wrong ways to make the selection, and probably many right ways as well. Here are some of the methods which have been used to select where you will spend at least four years of your life after high school.

My Friends are Attending There

Familiar faces can be helpful in those few early weeks of attendance away from home and making adult type decisions, but they can also cause problems, especially if friends try to be roommates without early decisions about study time, sleep time, social activities and noise level. Old acquaintances and even friends can interfere with your ability to make new friends. If you constantly move about the college campus as part of a “CLUMP” you will never be perceived as an interesting individual in your own right.

It’s a “Party School”

Unless your degree and interest is solely in the field of hospitality or lab research on the affects of unlimited alcohol and drugs on the human brain, why would this be a primary reason for selecting your college? Sure, fun is great, but most students find they do better at their chosen field of study if they limit the excesses of food, drink, sexual activity and the use of illegal substances, particularly during the early months. Find more info at

It Offers Financial Aid

Financial planning is an important part of the selection of the school, although it doesn’t have to be the only requirement looked at. Many of the more elite schools have funding which allows them to provide a more complete financial package to prospective students, so a prestigious school may actually cost less to attend than State University.

Its Teachers are Recognized Authorities in Their Field of Study

If you have selected your major field of interest and there is no expectation that you will change your mind after the first term of classes (or earlier), this is a good reason to select a school. You may want to take time during your selection process to go to the school in which you’re interested and meet the professors. If possible, sit in on a class or two. This will give you a feel for whether the teacher can present materials well and is willing to take a personal interest in his or her students.

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