Exploring Curiosity: Hunger For The Unknown

When we are born, we are open and curious and fascinated at the new world around us. We are sponges. And as we develop, and if, and only if, our basic needs are satisfied, we grow to the point of requiring self-actualization.

Learning. Curiosity. Creativity. Knowledge.

If you are interested in persuasion, odds are, you've got most of your basic requirements met. You've moved on to this higher level of consciousness where you want to absorb more and more of this field of human nature, stretching your boundaries and expanding your intellect.

As you study persuasion you'll find that this field is about much more than studying--it's about asking for what you want and need and watching them all fall into place.

The key to living right is using persuasion in all facets of everything we do. Parenting, relationships, business associations, even setbacks and challenges, can all be clarified and made stronger with persuasion skills.

As we engage in the world, these tools open doors, freeing us from limitations (self imposed) and allow us to take control.

We are explorers: persuasion pioneers, on the frontiers of human nature.

My students and clients already understand what I'm describing here, but if you are new to this the power surge, the intense feeling you will get once you realize how powerful persuasion is, will skyrocket you to new levels of confidence and opportunity.

Scientists know all about DNA now. It's all mapped out. They understand its strains.

What does this DNA tell us? Well, that we're very predictable organisms. It's unsettling just how predictable we are, how mathematical the process is, that all of our inner drives, our inner selves, our dreams, our potential for success, all of it can be mapped out.

Personally, I like to think I'm a very complex being, and it upsets me a little to think that everything about me can be mapped out.

And while it may be uncomfortable to realize that we are absolutely predictable, it is invaluable information for us as persuaders and it is the key to selling anything to anybody, any time.

In terms of selling to the affluent there is a very different trigger than selling to others, perhaps this is a result of their heightened ability to acquire. Once we get their criteria, we can combine it with predictable patterns of the affluent.

Combining that with our agenda, our product, or our service results in an alchemy of persuasion, almost impossible to resist.

Once I began focusing persuasion instead of sales training, I discovered unfolding insights everyday. These insights have been instrumental in helping me to find my life's purpose and to feel in control of my life instead of feeling like I'm just being swept along the river of life. You can have this enlightened feeling too.

I am thrilled to lead this exploration into the uncharted (and charted) territory of persuasion and with together we will map out the persuasion universe.

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