Fix Registry Problems On Your Own

Want the school PCs to run 10 times faster than usual? Take a look at their PC registry. These may be drowning in information no longer needed. Show your skill from lessons learned online.

Before you fix your registry...

Before you fix registry glitches of your computer, thank John Presper Eckert and John Mauchly who designed the electronic computers during World War II. You also have to thank the cold war. Electronic spying upped the computers to the present pop culture. Did you know that the first commercial computer, the Mark I, was set up in Manchester University sometime in February 1951? That’s more than fifty years back. Your grandma was a baby then. How time flies! Now you are scouring fix registry tips and she’s learning along with you too.

The Internet circa 1950s-1960s (it was not called this by that time) was restricted to the country’s defense communication system. The invention of the WWW in 1989 by Englishman Tim Berners-Lee in Switzerland changed the electronic communication landscape forever. The Internet and the computers invaded all institutions, homes, and everybody’s way of life. Inside the classroom, the computer and the Internet is KING. Homework is easier and faster to do because you can do your research at home and online. Teachers can teach more effectively with the use of computers.

Fix registry tips that show true genius

Schoolwork requires you to search online, download files, and save a lot of information. The PC registry is your PC’s database that records every move you make on the computer. Over time, your PC registry becomes cluttered with this information and your PC slows down. What a bummer. You have to learn to fix registry problems quick before you lose your patience.

A clue that your registry is malfunctioning is the disappearance of some buttons. You can’t find the start button. You are also starting to get messages that the registry is corrupted. A corrupted registry means your Windows operating system is dying, or worse, has already died.

Know your software to fix registry ailments. You can suggest this to friends and teachers who are also having the same problem with their PCs. Here are tips you can use on your school computers:

1. Check the computers’ windows.

2. Reboot accordingly if it’s a Vista, XP, 2000, or 98.

3. Delete software that has not been completely uninstalled by using the PC feature called Add/Remove Programs.

4. Change hardware options that have been running installed and uninstalled programs.

5. Remove spyware that has covertly embedded itself in the systems.

6. Check back-up and try to restore it to life.

7. Defragment the system.

8. Have the registry compacted, cleaned, and optimized.

9. Get an expert technician to do the job if you don’t know how to edit the registry.

Another fix registry tip is to restore the system using the scanreg command (Windows 9x/ME systems) with the restore button from the MS-DOS mode. You will be able to check the registry backups.

It is not easy to be a pro, but with constant reading and the help of available software, you’ll do fine. Your classmates will line up to have their fix registry problems solved by the expert – YOU.

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