Genital Warts Symptoms

Genital warts symptoms can be many and varied, and in some cases can even be mistaken for something else. This is especially true if the genital HPV condition doesn’t manifest itself in a physical manner such as warts.

A person can have all the genital warts symptoms and still not display any warts. Another reason for genital warts symptoms to be mistaken for something else lies in the fact that sometimes the genital warts themselves can be almost invisible to the naked eye.

In these cases your attending physician will take into consideration your genital warts symptoms and take additional steps to decide whether or not you have genital warts. This can be done in a number of methods, the most common of which is to dab a small bit of acetic acid (vinegar to the layperson), on the area suspected of having the warts.

Genital warts symptoms can also be missed if the warts are found within the vaginal walls. In this case the many genital warts symptoms can be thought of as symptoms of another condition such as a yeast infection. This is why it is always a good idea to seek immediate help if you start displaying any of the genital warts symptoms.

Accurate diagnosis of your condition can help you to receive the best possible treatment for you. Without this, and with self diagnosis, you may be treating yourself for the wrong condition.

This in itself has its own repercussions in that by using the wrong medication to treat a condition you body can become used to that medication which will then render it useless when you need it the most.

Also, ignoring genital warts symptoms and leaving your condition untreated can lead to more serious conditions from occurring such as cancer of the cervix. It is also entirely possible that if you have recurring genital warts symptoms, it might be a precursor of a more serious medical condition like cervical cancer, or even HIV-AIDS.

In these cases genital warts need not be the cause of the medical condition, rather they can be the signs or the symptoms of the medical condition.

This is why it is doubly important that you get a proper checkup done if you display any genital warts symptoms. You will then be able to get the proper treatment needed to help you get rid of your genital warts.

However, although you might be able to fight off the genital warts symptoms, the underlying virus, the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) cannot be cured.

Your immune system will need to do this all by itself without the aid of any medications, although there is now an HPV vaccine which can be administered to a select group of women to stop the onset of HPV and genital warts symptoms.

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