Home Schooling: Its Advantages

As the years weigh on, more and more parents are losing confidence on the educational systems be it in a private or public school. There is the sad reality of unqualified teachers, classrooms that are overcrowded, the use of outdated resources such as textbooks and references plus the concern of safety with school violence and drugs being rampant. These negative factors have given rise to the emerging popularity of having children homeschooled.

At the start, parents transferred their children from the public schools to the private schools in order to combat the negative peer influences and practices in the public school system but then came to realize that the same problems still existed even in the private school. Currently home schooling has been embraced by many parents that the rate of children being homeschooled is growing.

Home schooling obviously has many advantages. First and foremost is giving parents peace of mind knowing that their children are in a safe learning environment not having to worry about what pressing negative and unwanted influences may have affected the child's day at school. The parent is now in total control of the child's academic progress instead of relying on the school system that he or she may not have confidence in.

The home environment may be an ideal set-up for learning with the overcrowded classrooms and the disruptive students in class that may affect the learning process. Children learn in a less threatening environment where they do not fear terror teachers and other students. Also, school's lax policies may let some students with terrible behavior for instance the bullies get away with their improper actions with the school not actually protecting the students' rights.

The child is now under the supervision of the parents who can dictate their academic course. In a home schooling setup, the child and parent teacher proceeds at their speed and more focus can be directed on subjects that the child has difficulty as compared to other subjects that the child easily grasps.

With home schooling, the parents have the choice. One of them could teach the child himself or herself with the many available home schooling resources and materials or the parents could opt to hire educational services via the web or through closed circuit television. It is their choice and their call.

For those having children with any learning disability or cognitive disability, the parent is given the opportunity to work closely with the child's academic study coming off as easy on the part of the child and focusing on those certain subjects where the difficulty lies.

Parents desiring to give their children a religious education without the necessity of sending them off to a private school can work around the home schooling program to tailor it as encompassing their theological beliefs.

Home schooling indeed has its advantages but before any parent for that matter should rush into it, it is essential to assess the parent's teaching ability plus planning and strong commitment is very important to ensure the child's home schooling education.

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