The Sixth Edition: Effective Now (APA)?

The Sixth Edition: Effective Now (APA)?

When will I need to start using the sixth edition of theAPA Style Manual?

It will take a while to figure out what’s different about the revised manual and for the new style rules to become second nature. That may take a year or so. At APA, 2010 journal issues will be the first ones to adhere to the revised manual.

Do I need to update manuscripts that are in peer review so they conform to the revised manual?

We do not expect authors who have manuscripts near the final stages of peer review to revise their papers to conform to the sixth edition. APA staff will make the necessary changes during copyediting.

What if I’m thinking about submitting a new manuscript to an APA journal?

APA journal editors expect that new manuscripts submitted after January 1, 2010, will conform to the sixth edition. Before then, new submissions will probably be a mixture of fifth and sixth edition styles. Authors, in their later revisions, and/or APA staff will make sure all accepted articles follow sixth edition style. APA’s Instructions to All Authors contain the latest updates about submitting manuscripts to APA journals.

What about requirements for courses or for submitting to non-APA journals?

Professors or editors of other journals that use APA style may have different expectations—so be sure to check individual course requirements and journal instructions to authors to figure out what timetable for the transition will apply. Some will start in the fall of 2009, and some in the winter of 2010. Ask in your class.

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