I'm So Glad I'm Not A Loser I Got My PhD In Money At Success University

You know what; thoughts of being a loser have always seemed to hunt me down like a pack of misfortune. I couldn't have the right job; get the right girl let alone driving the fancy car of my choice. All I seemed to get was crumbs and this actually got to the point where I was comfortable about being a loser, I accepted every card I was dealt whether good or bad, I was just breathing to be everyone's doormat.

Something had to change, I told my self, no more and this time I really meant it! No more settling for second best, I am going to live my life the way I want to live it. The thing that was giving me so much drive to succeed was jealousy, Yep, pure green envy jealousy, for this kid who was a nobody, his status was even below my loser mentality, but in a matter of couple of weeks he had become a high flyer just from the internet, and I had to find out how he did it. Man, if a dumb ass like that can get rich in a matter of weeks from the internet, I can do it too; I mean how hard could it be.

Instead of surfing for porn that night, I googled for every term about making money on the internet, you know, phrases like GIVE ME THE MONEY NOW, MAKE ME RICH TODAY and every other money making scheme I could think of. Man!!! I hit the jackpot; there were tons of ways to make money on the internet for losers like me. It is so easy all I have to do is be someone's affiliate and the money will come rolling, bummer is, I need a website. Wait, hey here's something, for $49 The Guy Who Made A Billion From A Million will show me how to make my first million tomorrow, All for $49 dollars, wait what's this, Limited number of books only two copies left Buy Now!! So I borrowed my mom's credit card, told her your son's going to get rich and bought How I Made A Billion from a Million let me show you your first million tomorrow. I couldn't wait to get rich. Ok people! This is not what I expected, a stupid pdf file, that's all I get., 60 pages of BS, does that dummy think I have time to read this crap, I just want to get rich and he promised to make me a million $ by tomorrow. And now what's this bonus, Oh my God more books, with more pages. I need to punch someone, and if it's not the jerk who sold me this crap, it's the rich kid from my block for scamming people, no one can make money from reading a stupid book, and it's a lie.

My mom broke my ranting and raving, told me to shut and go sulk somewhere else, she doesn't even know why she believed a loser like me could make anything great of himself. That hurt, but anyway I went down to the pub to drown my remorse. On my third refill, the barman looks at me and says, I know that look, "what look" I asked half angry. He laughed and said "you bought the book didn't you; I can see it in your face", he carried on about some kid who came in the bar a couple of months ago looking down just like me and rambling about some stupid worthless book, So I asked him, what happened to the kid and he said "that same loser, is worth millions now, unbelievable" he found all of that in that book, "plus some school he goes to on the net" echoed the guy sipping a Heineken in the next stool. That night I couldn't get to sleep, I had to find out how he did it.

The more I snooped around to find the truth, the more I saw people just like me duplicating that rich kid and getting rich. The only way for me to find out was to join this school to riches; I took the plunge, paid a $2 dollar registration for 14 days and went to class. This was more than I expected, I was being coached by the most influential people of our time for just $2. The bonuses were real videos and audio tapes that guided me step by step to achieve my dreams. The best part was, immediately as I joined people just started pouring into my downline from my upline.

Ok! Even though school has turned me from a lazy, doubtful loser into being rich, I'm not complaining at all and guess what? I LOVE BEING RICH.

Ps. the book that sent me to the bar was actually really helpful, after I read it.

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