Interactive Language Learning For Advanced Students

If you have ever taken the time to research language courses on the Internet, you know that there is abundant material for the beginner and even a rather good selection for the intermediate student of a foreign language. Yet when it comes to quality materials for the advanced language learner, the shelves are conspicuously bare. While there are a number of books with grammatical conundrums as well as extensive vocabulary learning lists, the resources that rely on native foreign language speakers to advance the student’s knowledge in her or his target language are few and far between.

EuroTalk ( has found a way to successfully fill this void with their easy to recognize native speaker interactive approach which combines fun with learning! Whether you are a student, business traveler, or just want to get ready for your next holiday, the advanced “Movie Talk” methodology is for you!

Instead of boring textbooks, you are treated to a feature length movie with comes with a script, word quizzes, role playing opportunities, quick lessons on sentence building and structure, as well as target language subtitles. The student is now able to practice the already accumulated knowledge by speaking at the same speed and with proper intonation and inflection as a native speaker.

English, French, German, Spanish and Italian are the languages currently supported by this approach, and EuroTalk knows that the virtual reality game as well as recording opportunities will further your comprehension skills, pronunciation, spelling, and even anticipation of words and phraseology! The advanced student will love the newfound confidence with which she or he will learn to interact with native speakers on their skill level! By cleverly combining the spoken word in interactive fashion with the written word during quizzing, EuroTalk successfully marries the concept of book learning with vibrant practice – an approach that never gets boring!

Interactive Language Learning For Advanced Students 8.9 of 10 on the basis of 1407 Review.