Interactive Language Learning For Beginners

If you are an active member of the international business community, travel is an inescapable reality. Granted, much can be accomplished via telecommuting, teleconferencing, and even email, but for the make it or break it powerhouse presentations, you need to make a personal appearance to represent your company and not only sell your product, but also showcase your company in its best light.

Yet for some business travelers, international travel is fraught with anxiety. Imagine the Irish traveler who is scheduled to close the big business deal in New York, America! It does not matter if you know the Queen’s English, the fact that American slang is a language of its own makes this a worrisome trip indeed, but with EuroTalk’s language ( through native tongue instructors, you will be able to master beginning level American speech in a few days! Other languages include French, German, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin and many more.

At the heart of the beginner’s level language courses is the confidence building set of exercises that not only motivate the language student, but also enable her or him to learn more than 50 words in the language of their choice in as little as two hours. Covering about 500 words that enable the student to understand and be understood when talking about shopping, numbers, ordering food, describing colors, telling time, and other everyday phrases, a feel for the target language is developed quickly.

In addition to the first acquaintance with a new language, pronunciation is discovered and via a number of helpful recording exercises, the language learner may test the first halting attempts of pronouncing words and phrases versus those recorded by a native speaker. As the student progresses, she or he will be able to chart the progress by having a real comparison-tool by consistently referring back to the original recordings. For more inforamtion on Interactive Language Learning visit

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