Interactive Language Learning For Intermediate Speakers

EuroTalk is rapidly taking the foreign language classroom by storm. It does not matter if you are a student who needs some spoken word practice to supplement the book knowledge that is part and parcel of foreign language education in many a classroom, or a business executive who prepares for a foreign travel assignment and needs to be up to speed with the spoken word in a matter of weeks – the odds are good that EuroTalk ( has the study materials to help you!

Specializing in interactive learning methods that utilize video as well as audio recordings of native speakers, you will almost immediately begin to develop an ear for the language and its components. No longer will idioms be a mystery and expressions appear odd; instead, by leaving behind traditional methods of teaching languages in favor of the intensive listening strategy that is incorporated in the “World Talk” series of lessons for intermediate students, you will have the opportunity to listen to entire sentences and receive the training needed to pick out details that will give clues to the meaning the speaker is seeking to convey.

The variety of topics is taken from real life situations and does not rely on the outdated textbook models of contrived situations that may have offered a vehicle for a plethora of words to be used at one time, yet it was done in such an unnatural manner that the words were soon forgotten. Instead, you will find that you soon will be able to converse about yourself, discuss a restaurant menu, and receive directions to a destination. Role plays as well as printed quizzes are components of this comprehensive approach for the intermediate learner.

It does not matter if you are learning Hawaiian, Cantonese, Irish, Afrikaans, Icelandic, Hindi, Czech, Welsh, Japanese, Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, English, Greek, Finnish, German, French or Spanish – you will without a doubt benefit from the native speaker recorded voices that help you improve your practical listening as well as comprehension skills in your target language.

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