Kansas City Schools Serve Unique Students

Every city in every state in this nation has a homeless population. These are people who are “down on their luck”. They may have suffered a series of financial disasters and have been driven from their homes because they simply couldn’t pay the bills. They may suffer from a mental illness, such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or clinical depression and are unable to care for themselves financially, as well as physically. It is beyond them to provide themselves with adequate food or shelter.

Sadly, many families suffer the first fate – mounting bills force them out of their homes. Many live in their cars, but still more have to depend on charitable organizations to help them meet the needs of their families. Sometimes, the judicial system gets involved, and families are split up; kids are placed in foster care in the hopes that they will get the care they need.

Kansas City Schools officials recognized a unique need for the children of a homeless family – they still need an education. However, with the many obstacles present for a homeless child and his or her family, getting this education is not always possible.

The State of Missouri requires every school district to coordinate homeless student services, including the district which serves Kansas City Public Schools. Homeless Student Services assures that homeless Kansas City Schools students are provided the same free public education as is provided to other children and youth. Kansas City Schools’ services for over 1,000 homeless students include:

Assistance with immediate enrollment of homeless Kansas City Schools children and youth
Provide assistance with obtaining academic and medical records
Provide/arrange school transportation to Kansas City Schools of choice
Disseminate public notice of educational rights of homeless children and youth
Arrange special tutoring & education services for students outside the school day
Assist families in obtaining medical insurance and services
Coordinate Kansas City Schools related activities with homeless shelters and agencies

What most impresses me is that not only have Kansas City Schools recognized the needs of these very unique Kansas City Schools students, they are doing all they can to ensure they get the education they need, deserve, and are entitled to. One might say that of all students, these are the ones who need a good Kansas City Schools education the most. Graduating from high school is the only way to get into college, and really the only way to move up in the world, even when working a “blue collar” job. Helping these Kansas City Schools kids be successful in school will not only help them ensure a better future than if they didn’t attend school, but will help them build the confidence and self-esteem they need to continue succeeding.

That’s definitely one of the most admirable reasons out there for offering a public education to these deserving Kansas City Schools students.

Kansas City Schools Serve Unique Students 9 of 10 on the basis of 2201 Review.