Kansas City Schools – Diverse And Unique Programs

Kansas City Schools are sensitive to the needs of its students. Not only is the goal of academic success encouraged, the school system is also giving attention to the needs of its students who require extra attention. These students’ needs are addressed through programs such as PE4Life, Homeless Student Services, and the Missouri Schools Comprehensive Guidance Program.

Kansas City Schools have a mission in which the goals are to work in partnership with parents and the community and to produce students who have the knowledge, skills and abilities to develop the necessary attitude to become life-long learners with capacity for leadership and service. Students who are enrolled in Kansas City Schools will be productive and responsible citizens capable of successfully competing in a changing global society. All school districts have a mission statement, and Kansas City Schools are no different. The vision of the leaders for all Kansas City Schools states that the district is the premier school district in Missouri, and is recognized as the most valuable asset of the community, delivering quality education and thriving on diversity.

Lincoln Middle School recently launched the PE4Life program. PE4life® is a national advocacy, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to develop a country of active, healthy and academically-prepared children and youth by increasing access to quality physical education solutions. PE4life imparts the knowledge, skills, and inspiration for children to adopt a lifetime of physical activity, health and well-being. The goal of the Indianapolis Schools’ PE4 Life program is to help schools implement a quality, health-and-wellness-based PE program expected to improve fitness levels, which will, in turn, enhance academic performance.

Lincoln Middle School now has the latest technology in the field at the school’s fitness center, including heart rate monitors, interactive fitness equipment such as Dance Dance Revolution, SportWalls, leading-edge strength and cardiovascular equipment and a traverse climbing wall.

Kansas City Schools are currently coordinating homeless student services, in compliance with a state law. The Homeless Student Services assures that homeless students are provided the same free public education as other children. Kansas City Schools have over 1,000 homeless students enrolled. Services include:

1. Immediate enrollment of homeless children and youth and assistance obtaining academic and medical records,

2. Provide and or arrange school transportation to any Kansas City Schools of choice,

3. The circulation of public notice of educational rights of homeless children and youth,

4. Arrange special tutoring and education services for students outside school,

5. Assist families in obtaining medical insurance and services, and

6. Coordinate Kansas City Schools related activities with homeless shelters and agencies.

Kansas City Schools participate in the Missouri Schools Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Services program. This Kansas City Schools program emphasizes a process in which the school counselor provides a safe, nurturing environment to foster a trusting relationship with students. Students can explore their feelings and experiences in a confidential relationship.

As you can see, Kansas City Schools offer various and unique programs to students who need them.

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