Leaping To Learning

Leapfrog Enterprises of Emoryville CA created its LeapFrog learning program as an educational venture for young children – a learn while you play concept that is both technologically advanced and unique in comparison with the standard toy or education fare available for young children in the United States and elsewhere. LeapFrog Learning education products can be purchased in several different languages, advancing the schooling of children in various countries as well as children in the U.S. for whom English is a second language.

The focus of Leapfrog learning is solely that of designing and dispensing engaging learning products for children of all ages in the classroom as well as in their playroom at home. Learning comes first at Leapfrog Enterprises.

The design team at Leapfrog starts its production of education products for children with a proven and rigorous methodology.

The next step is design and creation of compelling, multi-faceted content. Lastly, the Leapfrog design team delivers the contents with the help of transparent technology that can make it engaging and intuitive.

Experts in the area of children’s play, children’s education and children’s education toys have praised LeapFrog learning many times over the years. More than 100 awards grace the walls of the Leapfrog Enterprises offices. Included in these global recognitions are the prestigious awards of Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, the Great American Toy Test as well as the Duracell Toy Test award. Associations and media have lauded Leapfrog as well. These include the Today Show and CSB News, and the internationally recognized Toy Industry Association. The Toy Industry Association named the LeapFrog Learning System.

Best Educational Toy of the Year two years in a row. LeapFrog was also named People’s Choice Toy of the Year. LeapFrog Schoolhouse is one of the most learning focused of the LeapFrog divisions. Responsible for development of revolutionary classroom education products, its mission is based on the conviction that children retain what they learn in direct proportion to the amount they are engaged by the learning toy or product. LeapFrog Schoolhouse maintains a multi-sensory approach to its learning products, focusing on the children’s use of touch, sight and hearing.

Pre-kindergartners through eight graders can find LeapFrog SchoolHouse education products for their particular needs, learning capabilities and age group. LeapFrog Schoolhouse makes educational products for children that are both portable and affordable. Children’s instruction can be personalized by the teachers and easily integrated into the standard curriculum of each particular classroom. LeapFrog SchoolHouse products focus on reading, math, assessment, language, literacy, and English language development training.

Now, in the United States alone, over 100,000 classrooms include LeapFrog SchoolHouse multi-sensory teaching tools and aids in their education regime. Among the most popular items are the hundreds of interactive books and skill cards by LeapFrog Schoolhouse, part of LeapFrog Enterprises Education and Training Group.

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