Learning Spanish For Adults

Have you ever thought of learning Spanish but never had the time and right opportunity to do it? You don’t need to worry about “how” to actually do it but what you want to think about twice is if you really have the dedication and interest to learn the Spanish language.

Learning for adults does not come easy any longer compared to how children and teenagers learn. This is true because there is a certain point and range of interest and learning skills each age group has and as a person gets older, the ability to learn depreciates. Think about young children, learning a different language to them is easy as learning A,B,C’s.

Now the next question comes into mind…how do I learn a foreign language fast? We all know that it takes a while to learn new things. It also takes great enthusiasm and interest over something to be able to learn it well and apply it to normal day to day activities. Also, a good memory is built from a vivid event. Findings show that we tend to store in events or images that has a strong impact towards the senses in our memory. This is also why it’s recommended to imagine silly and outrageous images in learning foreign languages because the words can be easily remembered this way. A human brain can certainly not erase these images.

By now you should be able to realize that whatever you have seen ever since you were small is all still registered in your brain. So the next time you see something familiar, be aware that you haven’t completely forgotten what it is or what it is for but just that the image might have not been too interesting at the moment you saw it and in turn, didn’t alert your attention as you were absorbing it to your brain.

So to give you an example how pictures can create an impact in learning a foreign language, we’ll take the English word morning and maсana in Spanish as an example. Imagine this sentence as it happens: Every morning, the postman delivers mails and packages to houses with family names of Manny in a successive order. By associating the words in a scenario as you imagine it happening makes it a lot easier and fun to learn the Spanish language.

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